For information on dates and deadlines, please refer to the schedule. If you have any questions after reading this page, check our FAQ to see if they’re addressed there before contacting us.

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Thank you for offering your time and services! We’re so excited that you’re interested in joining as a creator.

Creators can offer the following types of works and services in this auction:

  • Fics or other writing
  • Art (illustrations or comics)
  • Digital works (graphics/edits, gifsets, manips, mood boards, etc.)
  • Podfics
  • Videos
  • Fan-made crafts or merchandise
  • Beta services (editing, soundboarding/planning, historical accuracy, fact-checking, culture-picking, etc.)
  • Translations

All works must be made by you and made specifically for this auction, with the exception of fan-made crafts and merchandise you made before the auction, unless your winning bidder explicitly requests otherwise. You must fulfill your bidder’s request. Think of it as a commission but with the money going to charity.

There is no deadline for when your work is due although we’d like to have most, if not all, works in by November 2020 (one year after our donation deadline), but if it’ll take a while for you to finish it, let people know that in your auction description. For more information on this, see our FAQ.

Creator registration is now CLOSED.

Creator Sign-up – general information such as your username, email address, examples of your work, “Do Wants” and “Do Not Wants” for content you’re willing to offer, etc.

Auction Works – will be provided to you after you finish the Creator Sign-up form. This form is for the type of fanwork you’re offering and will ask for information such as the universes, ratings, and relationships (platonic and/or romantic) you’re willing to create for and the minimum bid and bid increment you’d like to set for your auction. You may offer up to three different auctions, whether that’s three different work types (e.g., fic, art, beta), three different offerings for one type of work (e.g., fics of various lengths such as 1k, 5k, 20k), or a mix (e.g., a 5k fic, a 10k fic, and a full-body illustration). For every auction you would like to offer, you must fill out a separate Auction Works form.

  • If you’re offering different work types, you must fill out this form separately for each type.
  • If you’re auctioning different offerings of one work type, you must fill out this form separately for each offering.

Once we receive your forms, we’ll send you an email within a few days. Please reply to that email ASAP to confirm that the information we have is correct and to provide us with three images to choose from to make your creator auction banner if you didn’t participate as a creator last year and already have a banner. For more information about banners, refer to our Banner FAQ.

We ask that you check your email frequently after signing up as this will be our main method of communication with creators. If you need to add or edit any information after submitting the forms, email us at

For more information, please refer to our Creator FAQ.


Auction Week will start on October 19, 11:59 PM ET, and end on October 26, 11:59 PM ET. Once bidding begins, look through the auction pages and place your bids on the creators you’re interested in. Remember to check on those auctions throughout the week to see how your bid is doing!

Once bids close, we’ll contact the highest bidder of each auction and give instructions on how to send in a donation receipt. You must commit to donating the amount you bid and to a donation on our list of organizations.

As soon as we get proof of your donation, we’ll connect you with your creator. Creators and bidders are not allowed to contact each other after Auction Week closes until we receive that donation confirmation; the only time you may talk to a creator is before or during Auction Week to get clarification on what the creator is and isn’t willing to make.

If we don’t receive your donation confirmation by November 4, 11:59 PM ET, the winning bid will go to the second-highest bidder.

More information on the bidding process is available in our Bidder FAQ and will be released before Auction Week begins.


To make this a success, we need as many people in the fandom as possible to know about the auction so ask your friends to join! Share information about MTH in relevant LJ/DW communities and Discord servers you’re in! Reblog and retweet our posts! Cheer us on! 🙂 We’ll be grateful for your support.