For information on dates and deadlines, please refer to the schedule.

Marvel Trumps Hate is an online fanworks auction that aims to unite the entire Marvel fandom in raising funds for organizations working to protect civil rights, marginalized and oppressed communities, and the environment. It is inspired by Fandom Trumps HateStony Trumps Hate, and all other fandom fundraisers working to fight the good fight.


Creators will sign up to offer their work(s) for auction. After bidding week ends, the auction winner will donate their winning bid amount to a charity listed on our Organizations List; therefore, we won’t touch any of the money we raise as funds are going directly to charities. The winner will then email the mod team proof of their charitable donation. Once we receive it, we will connect the winner to the creator they bid on, and the creator will start working on the requested item!

Creators can offer the following types of works and services in this auction:

  • Fics or other writing
  • Art (illustrations or comics)
  • Digital works (graphics/edits, gifsets, manips, mood boards, etc.)
  • Podfics
  • Videos
  • Fan-made crafts or merchandise
  • Beta services (editing, soundboarding/planning, historical accuracy, fact-checking, culture-picking, etc.)
  • Translations


We believe the Marvel fandom is a caring, supportive community determined to help those in need just like the superheroes we love so much do; as such, we wanted to include as many Marvel universes, fandoms, characters, and ships as possible to be inclusive and have a fandom-wide impact. Together, this auction will allow us to unite, organize, and pay it forward!


We would like to thank the Fandom Trumps Hate and Stony Trumps Hate teams for all the invaluable advice and resources they have given us to help make Marvel Trumps Hate a success.

If you have any inquiries regarding Marvel Trumps Hate, please contact us.