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What is a pod bid?

A pod bid is a group of two or more bidders who pool their money and bid as a collective for an auction.


How can I let bidders know that I’m open/not open to pod bids?

You can indicate whether you’re open to pod bids or not per auction on the sign-up form. That means that if you’re offering more than one auction, you can choose to say you’re open to pod bids for one auction/some auctions, all of your auctions, or none of them!

How many people can be in a pod bid?

There’s no limit. A pod bid just means that there are at least two people bidding as a unit.

Pod bids sound fun, but I’m nervous about the idea of a lot of people bidding on me as a group.

We understand! That can be flattering but nerve-racking. Since we know how daunting this can be, we highly recommend bidders to contact you first to see if you’re okay with the prompt idea before forming the pod bid. It’s also a good idea for you and the pod to establish how you’d like things to work before they bid on you. Here are some points to consider:

  • Would you rather communicate with the group through the pod bid organizer or with everyone in the group directly?
  • Do you want to hear what everyone wants/what everyone’s likes and dislikes are before you begin? Or do you just want the prompt and that’s it, so you have the freedom to do what you want with that idea?

Additionally, keep in mind that some people just want to pitch in for a pod bid but don’t necessarily want to be involved if the pod bid wins. For instance, let’s say that a group of five people bids on you to write a soulmates AU. Three or four of those five people might have added money to the group total because they like the idea, but they don’t really have any ideas of their own. They just want to see the idea happen and will be happy simply with the pod bid winning, so you’re really only talking to one or two people in the group.

I’m still nervous. What if people are disappointed? It’s hard to please a group since people might want different things.

It’s up to the pod bid to hash out the elements of their prompt, but as mentioned above, you can ask people what they want to see in the work before you begin. If you opt to have the prompt and maybe some more details if the prompt is general, but nothing more than that, you can always go back to the group to ask about a certain element that you’re unsure of or request more info later. Bidders should be aware that whenever they join a group, the result might not be exactly what they envisioned and should accept that as a possibility before joining a group as well.

If a pod bid wins my auction, does this mean I have to make more than one work as my auction fill?

No. You’re only obligated to do what you state in your auction. For example, if you offer a 30k fic and a pod bid of three people wins your auction, that means the pod bid will get only that one 30k fic, not 30k split into several smaller fics. However, if a pod bid asks if you’re okay with doing, say, two fics of 15k instead of one 30k fic, and you’re up for doing that instead, you can do so; we only require that whatever you decide, both you and your winner(s) are in agreement. This applies in all situations, whether the winning bidder is an individual or group.


How do I make a pod bid?

There are various ways that a pod bid can be born. Maybe you’re talking with a friend and they get excited about your idea and ask if they can pitch in to make it happen! Maybe you make a post on Tumblr or ask to be added to the pod bid list below to see if anyone’s interested in your idea.

Whatever method you choose, one representative per group must be responsible for coordinating the bid and submitting all the donation receipts by 11:59 PM ET on October 30 (what time is that for me?), whether that’s you or someone else in the group. We’ll be contacting the person who bid, so make sure that that member of the pod is prepared to receive the winning email and follow the instructions included. It is the pod’s responsibility to agree on any custom elements of their win.

Do I have to put my pod bid on this page/publicly announce my pod bid?

No. You can if you want to (it’s a good way to get people to join your group), but it’s not necessary.

If it’s just a friend and me, do we still count as a pod bid?

It depends. If your friend just wants to give you an extra monetary boost so your dreams can come true, but they don’t care about getting involved beyond that, it doesn’t have to be a pod bid as you can bid solo if they’re okay with that. If you want to team up on brainstorming an idea/ideas to bring to the creator and your friend wants to be in the loop after winning the auction, that’s a pod bid.

Is there a maximum limit for how many people can be in a pod bid?


How can I find out if a creator is open to pod bids or not?

Each auction listing will specifically state if it’s open for pod bids. If a creator is offering multiple auctions, they may be receptive to pod bids for one auction but not the other(s), so make sure to check the specific auction you’re interested in. We highly recommend contacting the creator and seeing if they’re okay with your prompt idea before forming the group as well.

How does a pod bid work with a creator?

We recommend that the organizer ask the creator the following questions before forming the pod bid:

  • Would you rather communicate with the group through the pod bid organizer or with everyone in the group directly?
  • Do you want to hear what everyone wants/what everyone’s likes and dislikes are before you begin? Or do you just want the prompt and that’s it, so you have the freedom to do what you want with that idea?

Is there anything I should consider before making or joining a pod bid?

While it’s possible that everyone wants the same thing, it’s equally possible that people have different ideas. As with all group activities, you may need to compromise and the result may not be exactly what you envisioned. Think about whether this is something you’ll be okay with before making/joining a pod bid; if it’s not, it may be best to bid on your own.

You should also let anyone who contacts you about joining your pod bid the information in the bullet list above (“How does a pod bid work with a creator?”), so they know what to expect going in. If you’re joining someone else’s pod bid, remember to ask the organizer that information too.

What if I just want to pitch in money, but I don’t want to get involved besides that? Can I still be part of a pod bid?

Yes. Some people only want to see the idea happen and will be happy simply with the pod bid winning. That’s fine! Just let the organizer know that and tell them whether or not you want to be kept in the loop on any updates from the creator after the auction is over.

What happens if no one joins my pod bid or I want to shut it down because there there’s no way we’re catching up with the top bid?

If there are other people in the group, notify them that you’re closing the pod bid. You don’t need to contact the creator, and the only time you have to contact us is if your pod bid is on the list below and you want to take it off.


If you haven’t done so, we strongly suggest reading the Bidders FAQ above before making or joining a pod bid.

Keep an eye on this page as we’ll update it every time someone notifies us that they’ve made a pod bid. If you’d like to be added to this page so interested bidders can join your group, please contact us and give us:

  • the pod bid organizer’s name and contact info (this should be contact info you’re comfortable having listed on this page)
  • the auction the bid is for, e.g., 5678 – nostalgicatsea
  • a description of your prompt idea that can be as detailed (or not!) as you’d like, e.g., “Sam/Bucky rivals-to-lovers non-powered AU fic where Sam gets amnesia, forgets that he doesn’t like Bucky, and falls in love with him” or “Art of MCU Nebula & Tony playing Mario Kart”

You can also announce and discuss your pod bids in the #pod-bid-chat channel on our Discord server, which is a great way to find people to team up with to bid on your favorite creators! We’ll be adding pod bids made in that channel to this page unless the organizer requests otherwise.

Bucky Barnes/Tony Stark

1062- KandiSheek

  • Type: Fic
  • Pod Bid: This prompt of Kandi’s from the list provided- In order to escape the arranged marriage his father is trying to force him into, Tony sells himself as a mail-order bride. Whatever he expected his future husband to be like, it wasn’t a stoic veteran with a metal arm and more issues than personality. Not that Tony has any stones to throw there. Still, they make it work in the end.
  • Organizer: RoseRose
  • Organizer contact info: TehRoseRose#0409 on Discord

Clint Barton/Phil Coulson

2043 – Cakeisnotpie

  • Type: Fic
  • Gen: Avengers Team
  • Pod bid: Cake mentioned a Post-apocalyptic alien invasion and a few rag-tag humans fight back. Tony’s a tech genius with Clint (former military) and Nat (former Russian assassin) as his bodyguards. They’re in the mountains in Nothern Cali when the aliens attack and get cut off from the grid. Howard manages to get them a cryptic message that ends halfway through. The team sends back to LA/Malibu and pick up Commander Phil Coulson, a Navy Officer, and sole survivor of a battle with an alien ship. They collect other survivors along the way to find out what’s up with Howard. She called it a mix of Resident Evil/Aliens. ClintCoulson as the main pair.
  • Organizer: uofmdragon
  • Organizer contact info: uofmdragon@gmail.com or uofmdragon#8330 on Discord


1171 – chamel

  • Type: Fic
  • Pod bid: Lokius probationary officer AU where Loki ends up in jail because Odin has some shady businesses and decided to have Loki take the fall, despite Loki not participating in the crime. But Loki was an outstanding citizen so he gets out on probation and Mobius is Loki’s probation officer. He believes Loki when he says he is innocent and helps him uncover Odin’s dirty secrets.
  • Organizer: Kimmycup
  • Organizer contact info: DM on Discord (kimmycup#8137) or Tumblr (

Steve Rogers/Tony Stark

1086 – Wilma Kins

  • Type: Fic
  • Pod bid: At a function/conference/fundraiser Tony is targeted by someone that is incessantly flirting with him (Tony flirts back, because why not? Steve is not interested in him anyway, right?). During the conversation with this person Steve, very much quietly pining, does something petty like drinking Tony’s drink because he’s jealous. What he doesn’t know is that Tony was the target of a chemical compound supposed to make him docile and working like Sodium Pentothal, making him suggestible and easy to handle to get dangerous knowledge out of him. When the plan of the villains goes awry, they snatch Tony and an inebriated Steve to get to the knowledge the old way. The drug works very different on Steve causing him to just burst out with the truth whenever he’s asked something and also making him pretty volatile/feral, hindering any strategic thinking. (I think no one will be sad if Tony is very much into assertive, possessive Steve)
  • Organizer: Pywren
  • Organizer contact info: Pywren on Tumblr or pywren#3197 on Discord

1152 – FestiveFerret

  • Type: Fic
  • Pod bid: NSFW. Steve’s chastity device won’t come off. He can’t exactly go to SHIELD or a regular doctor. So, he goes to the one person he knows who understands sex and tech. He’s horrified, of course, to have to go to Tony with this, but what choice does he have? Tony is stunned, to say the least. Who knew Captain America would be into this stuff? Though, when he thought about it, he sort of understood why it would appeal to a guy like Steve to give up control like that to someone else, but a random Internet program? No way. He hacks the program pretty easily (well, a few missteps when the thing suddenly tightens instead of loosening) and helps Steve finally get it off. By the end, Steve’s all flushed and sweaty, and Tony won’t admit how good a look that is on him, and while he tried not to look as much as he could avoid, he couldn’t help a glimpse of the goods when the device finally came off. Needless to say, that’s an image that won’t be leaving him anytime soon. Steve rushes back to his room and barely makes it there before he’s coming all over himself. He tells himself it’s because he’s free of the device, but he knows that wasn’t all it was. He liked having Tony handle it for him in a way he hadn’t anticipated, if he was honest. Steve’s surprised when Tony finds him a few days later with a custom made nanotech device. It fits great, and feels amazing, but a part of him knows he likes it because Tony made it and, as stony assured him so nonchalantly, Tony has the override code in case there was ever a problem like with the other one. Meanwhile, Tony can’t stop thinking about Steve wearing it. He’s becoming obsessed with the idea that Steve might have it on under one of those damn pairs of khaki slacks. It’s driving him crazy.
  • Organizer: sabrecmc
  • Organizer contact info: sabrecmc on Tumblr or sabrecmc#2925 on Discord