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What is Marvel Trumps Hate?
Marvel Trumps Hate is an online fanworks auction that aims to unite the entire Marvel fandom in raising funds for organizations working to protect civil rights, marginalized and oppressed communities, and the environment. It is inspired by Fandom Trumps Hate, Stony Trumps Hate, and all other fandom fundraisers working to fight the good fight.

Who can participate?
This event is open to all Marvel fans across the world. However, please keep in mind that this auction was created in response to the current political climate in the United States, and many (but not all) of our organizations are therefore based in or work on issues in the U.S.

When you say “all Marvel fans,” do you really mean everyone?
Yes, all Marvel universes, fandoms, characters, and platonic or romantic/sexual relationships are welcome.

How can I get involved?
You can participate by offering fanworks or fanwork services as a creator, bidding during Auction Week, or spreading the word about the auction to your friends and followers in the fandom. For more information, check out our How to Participate page.

Can I participate as a creator AND a bidder?
Of course!

When will the auction take place?
Creator sign-ups will be open from September 30 to October 14, and bidding week will run from October 21 to October 27. You can find more details about the schedule here.

What currency are you using for the auction?
All amounts are in U.S. dollars.

How can I see the works made for Marvel Trumps Hate?
Once the auction is over, you’ll be able to find them in our MTH 2018 Collection tag or AO3 collection, but it’s up to the creators and auction winners whether or not to share the work.

What if I have a question that isn’t addressed on this page?
Feel free to contact us here or email us at marveltrumpshate@gmail.com.


How and when can I sign up, and what kind of fanworks can I offer?
Please refer to our How to Participate page.

Can I offer more than one work type?
You may offer up to three auctions; however, keep your workload in mind before offering multiple auctions. The auctions can be for:

  • Different work types (e.g., one auction for fic, one for art, and one for beta services)
  • Different offerings for the same work type (e.g., three auctions for fics of different lengths such as 2k, 5k, 10k)
  • A mix of the above (e.g., a 5k fic, a 10k fic, and a full-body illustration)

For every auction you would like to offer, you must fill out a separate Auction Works form.

How many winner slots can I offer per fanwork type?
For now, creators can only offer to make one fanwork for the highest bidder per work type, but if we get enough bidders, we may allow creators to offer multiple slots.

Why am I limited to offering only ten relationships?
If you get excited and list every platonic and romantic relationship you like (you may offer only ships, only gen, or a mix of both), you may end up struggling to make works for relationships you no longer are into or don’t care that much about by the time you work on them. Think carefully about which relationships you’d like to offer before signing up, and make sure you’ll be happy to create content for any of them.

Help! I’m not sure what to put for my starting bid amount or bid increment.
Treat this as a commission while keeping in mind that it’s for charity. Consider how long it’ll take you to complete the work, how much you think you should be paid for that amount of time or work, and how much you’d be willing to bid on the work being offered if you were a bidder. You can also reach out to friends and mutuals who have participated as creators in previous fandom charity auctions such as Fandom Trumps Hate 2017 and 2018, Stony Trumps Hate, or Fandom Loves Puerto Rico to see if they can help you figure out a starting bid and bid increment.

Can I specify which charities I’d like my bidder to donate to on my auction page?
Yes, as long as they’re from our list. We can’t guarantee that bidders will donate to them although we’ll encourage them to do so. However, it’s ultimately up to the bidder to choose which charity to donate to. Donations to any of the charities on our list, not just the ones you requested, will be accepted.

Can I sign up even though I haven’t completed fills for previous charity auctions or if I’m not sure about my upcoming schedule?
Yes, but we strongly recommend considering your workload and schedule before you sign up. We won’t be imposing a deadline on our creators, but ideally we’d like to have most, if not all, of the works posted or completed by November 2019 (one year from our donation deadline). If you’re unsure of your ability to complete your work by then but really want to join, we recommend doing the following in the “Work description” section on your Auction Works form:

  • Be clear and honest about when you can start, how fast you can work and, if you’re confident that you’ll finish by a certain date after our suggested deadline, when you think you’ll finish
  • State limits: For example, only offer a certain word count (e.g., 5k), type of art, or amount of detail for an art piece (e.g., black and white portrait of one character from the torso up)
  • Encourage bidders to contact you before they bid to ask questions about deadlines or what you’re willing to create (your contact information will be included on your auction page so that bidders can contact you during the auction)

What if there’s something I really don’t want to create for the auction?
On your auction page, you’ll be able to specify what you are and aren’t willing to work on for the fanwork you’re offering. Be as specific as possible to ensure that both you and your winning bidder have an enjoyable experience. Talk to your bidder and try to work things out in a professional and polite manner if you’re unhappy or uncomfortable with their request.

What if I need to drop out as a creator for whatever reason?
If you change your mind about participating as a creator, let us know before creator sign-ups close on October 14th. Please don’t drop out after sign-ups have closed and especially not after donations have been submitted as that would make things very difficult for us and be severely disappointing to your bidder. If extenuating circumstances arise, make sure to notify your bidder immediately and work things out with them.


When and how can I start bidding on the auctions?
See our How to Participate page.

Can I bid on more than one auction?
Yes, you’re welcome to bid on multiple auctions as we’re hoping to raise as much money as possible, but make sure you can commit to donating the amount(s) that you bid.

Are group bids allowed?
Yes, group bids are accepted. One representative per group will be responsible for coordinating your bid and submitting your donation receipts.

What should I do if I’m outbid by a very high group bid?
Group bids can be difficult to go up against, but remember that the money is going to charity and don’t be discouraged! You can start a group bid of your own or try your luck at another auction—not all auctions will have fierce bidding wars! We’ll also be on the lookout for smaller, less active auctions and will include them in our golden needle tag.

Can I have someone else (a “proxy”) bid for me if I’m unavailable?
Yes. Make sure to tell your proxy what your bidding limit is and make sure they’re inputting your contact information correctly. We suggest having proxies hold off on bidding until you/they are outbid.

For fan-made craft and merchandise auctions, does the final bid include shipping? Whether or not your final bid includes shipping will be up to the creator. Once we receive confirmation of the donation, we’re no longer responsible for communication between creators and bidders. Be aware that for physical fanworks, creators will need your address to send you the item. If you aren’t comfortable giving out personal information, we suggest you bid on other auctions instead.

Am I allowed to communicate with creators before or during the auction?
Yes, feel free to contact creators before or during Auction Week if you have questions about what they’re willing or not willing to create. However, after the auction closes, creators and bidders are not allowed to contact each other before we receive confirmation of your donation. We’ll put creators and winning bidders in touch once the donation has been confirmed.

If I win, can I commission a work as a gift for someone else?
Yes, of course! Bidding on an auction for fanworks is a great idea for a birthday or holiday gift, or even just a special surprise for a good friend! You can secretly commission the creator on your friend’s behalf and surprise them with the gift after you receive the fanwork, or you can have your giftee contact the creator directly after we receive your donation (in this case, you must provide us with the giftee’s contact information, so we can make sure to connect them to the creator). Please keep in mind both the creator’s and your giftee’s likes and dislikes before bidding on an auction for someone else.

Do I have to donate to my creator’s preferred charities?
No, as long as you donate to one of the charities on our list, your donation will count, but we encourage you to take their suggestions into consideration.

Can I donate to more than one charity?
Yes, as long as the total amount matches your winning bid. If you’re donating to multiple charities, remember to keep track of your donation receipts in order to confirm your donation.

Can I donate more than my final bid amount?
Definitely! However, keep in mind that your creator is only responsible for creating a product that matches your winning bid. For example, if their rate is $20 per 1,000 words and your winning bid is $100 but you decide to donate $200, they’re only obligated to write the agreed-upon 5k.

If I’ve won more than one auction, can I make one donation for the cumulative amount?
One cumulative donation for multiple auctions is fine as long as the amount matches the total sum of all your winning bids which should be included in your email with your donation receipt. However, we would prefer it if you made separate donations for each auction as it’ll be easier for us to keep track of the donations.

Can I retract my bid?
Unfortunately, all bids are final and can’t be retracted. If you’ve accidentally entered the wrong amount while bidding, email us immediately and we’ll help you sort that out, but you cannot cancel a bid.

If you’ve won an auction and for whatever reason are unable to fulfill your winning bid, let us know as soon as possible so we can move on to the next-highest bidder. Please make sure that you’re able to pay the amount that you bid on an auction before you place your bid.

Where do I send my donation receipt and how can I keep my personal information private?
Once you’ve completed your donation, send a PDF copy or screenshot of the receipt to us at marveltrumpshate@gmail.com. Personal information (i.e., name, address, credit card number) on receipts can be redacted; we only need to see the date, charity name, and donation amount.

When will I receive my fanwork?
We’re encouraging creators to complete their fanworks by November 2019, but please remember that we’re not enforcing a hard deadline and be understanding if creators need more time to finish their commission as they’ve generously donated their time and effort for charity. We all know real life can sometimes get in the way of fandom!