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What is Marvel Trumps Hate?

Marvel Trumps Hate is an online fanworks auction that launched in 2018. It aims to unite the entire Marvel fandom in raising funds for a more equitable world and a healthier planet and is inspired by Fandom Trumps Hate, Stony Trumps Hate, and all other fandom fundraisers.

Who can participate?

This event is open to all Marvel fans across the world. 

When you say “all Marvel fans,” do you really mean everyone?

Yes, we promise! All characters, all relationships, and all universes are welcome as long as they’re Marvel ones.

How can I get involved?

You can participate by offering fanworks or fanwork services, bidding during Auction Week, or spreading the word about the auction. For more information, check out our How to Participate page.

Can I participate as a creator AND a bidder?


When will Marvel Trumps Hate take place?

You can find the full schedule here.

What currency are you using for the auction?

All amounts are in U.S. dollars.

Does that mean my donation has to be in U.S. dollars (USD) too? Can I use a different currency?

You’re obligated to pay the amount of your winning bid in USD, no matter which currency you use to make your donation. 

There are several organizations that allow for donations directly in other currencies, but the amount must still be the equivalent to USD, as per the current exchange rate. 

How do I know the donations are actually going to the organizations you’re supporting?

Winners donate directly to organizations. The event team and creators do NOT receive money at any point. To confirm that winners have donated their winning amount or more, we ask for proof of donation. For more information, please refer to our Donation Guide.

How can I see the works made for Marvel Trumps Hate?

Once the auction is over, you’ll be able to find them in our MTH 2023 tag, MTH 2023 AO3 collection, or MTH fills Discord channel, but it’s up to the creators and auction winners whether or not to share the work publicly.

Are there any general event rules I need to follow?

Yes. We strive to create a fun, enjoyable, welcoming experience for everyone involved and therefore ask all participants to be kind and follow our community guidelines.



How and when can I sign up, and what kind of fanworks can I offer? Can I offer more than one auction?

Please refer to our How to Participate page.

Can I offer preexisting work?

You may, only if it’s a physical fanwork (art, craft, etc.) that can be shipped to the winner after the auction.

How many winner slots can I offer per auction listing?

One. If a pod bid (group of people who bid as one unit) wins, it counts as one winner. 

Can I sign up under more than one username?

No. You may link to other accounts or pseudonyms, but all auctions must be offered under one username.

Why am I limited to offering ten relationships?

Ten relationships allow for the most flexibility for the creator while still narrowing the focus of each auction. This is best for all parties involved. If you’re open to all platonic or romantic relationships for a character or within a fandom, read our tips on how to indicate that on your sign-up form.

Can I just focus on a character(s) on their own instead of pairing them up with someone?

Yes. You can see our guidelines on single character auctions here.

Will anyone bid on me if I offer characters or relationships that aren’t super popular? What can I do to stand out?

You’ll be surprised at how excited people get when they find auctions for their favorite rarepairs and obscure characters! Some corners of the Marvel fandom are smaller than others, and MTH is a fantastic way to find people outside of your circle who like the same things you do and help your side of fandom grow. We welcome everyone and try to make it easy for bidders to find what they want with our tag list, search feature, and auction spotlights.

In terms of what you can do to catch people’s attention, here’s one suggestion to consider. You can also feature the underrepresented characters/relationships you’re offering in your creator banner.

What if I’m new to the Marvel fandom or no one knows me? I don’t know if anyone will bid on me.

What we love about MTH is that people like to take chances on creators, even ones they’re unfamiliar with. We also do our best to showcase auctions of all sizes throughout Auction Week. In addition to our tag list, search feature, and auction spotlights, we highlight less active auctions and people can sort from low to high bids to find auctions that are within their budget.

Help! I don’t know what to write in the description sections for what I will and won’t create.

You’re not alone! Please look at our example sign-up. You can also see previous MTH creators’ offerings here. Additionally, you can ask fellow creators for advice on our Discord server or ask your friends for their opinions. 

I’m not sure what to put for my starting bid amount or bid increment.

This is a common question every year. Here are a few tips: 

  • In general, we encourage creators to start fairly low because it invites bidders to make that first bid. 
  • Specific tiers of content/cost (e.g., $10–$20 for line art, $21–$30 for black and white, etc.) are allowed. 
  • Consider how long it’ll take you to complete the work and how much you’d be willing to bid on the offered work if you were a bidder. The prices you come up with might not be the same as your commission rates if you have any. Remember that all the money raised goes directly to charity. 
  • If you’re still unsure of how to price your labor, consider reaching out to friends who have participated as creators in previous fandom charity auctions to ask if they can help you with your starting bid/bid increment. You can also join our Discord server and ask there. Fandom Trumps Hate and Fandom Loves Puerto Rico have examples as well, including starting bid options for some.  

You can see more detailed advice on our “tips for creators” page.

Can I specify which charities I’d like my bidder to donate to on my auction page?

Yes, as long as they’re on our list of organizations. Be aware that while your bidder is encouraged to choose your preferred organization(s), they may donate to any organization from our list.

I’m not sure about my upcoming schedule/Can I sign up even though I have outstanding fills for previous charity auctions?

Creators from MTH 2021 or earlier with unfulfilled auctions will not be allowed to participate in MTH 2023 without an exemption from the mods. If you have other incomplete charity auction fills, we strongly recommend considering your workload and schedule before you sign up. We request that any works created for MTH 2023 are posted or completed by November 2024 (one year from our donation deadline), though this is a soft deadline and it’s okay if it takes you a bit longer as long as you let your winner know. 

If you’re unsure of your ability to complete your work by then but really want to join, we recommend doing the following in the “Work description” section on your auction form:

  • Be clear and honest about when you can start, how fast you can work, and when you think you can finish.
  • State limits for word count, level of detail for a piece of art, etc.
  • Encourage bidders to contact you before they bid to ask questions about deadlines or what you’re willing to create. 

What if I’m uncomfortable offering certain content for the auction?

When you sign up, you can be explicit about what you aren’t willing to create. Be as specific as possible; this will ensure that you and any potential bidders are on the same page. 

What if I want to change something in my sign-up form?

Creators may alter their sign-ups up to the cut-off deadline in their confirmation email. Please read the instructions carefully and submit all changes in one email

What if I need to drop out as a creator?

If you change your mind about participating as a creator, let us know before creator sign-ups close on September 30. Please don’t drop out after sign-ups have closed and especially not after donations have been submitted as that will not only complicate things for your moderators but also be severely disappointing to your winning bidder. Truly extenuating circumstances may be discussed with the mods and your winning bidder.


Can I advertise my MTH offerings on Archive of Our Own?

While you are able to talk about Marvel Trumps Hate on AO3, you must be careful about your wording. See our guidelines so you can make sure you’re following the rules while spreading the word and giving MTH a shout-out! You can also refer to AO3’s policy in their TOS, specifically the “How strict is the ‘no commerce’ rule?” and “What about charity drives?” sections.

What happens if I don’t hear back from my winning bidder after the auction is over?

If you don’t hear from your winning bidder even after the mods have connected you AND you tried your best to contact them directly, please email us. As long as you notify us, you’re in the clear. If you haven’t heard from your bidder by the soft deadline (one year after the auction), you’re no longer obligated to fulfill that auction. Please contact the MTH mods immediately if this occurs. 

How involved is the winner in the work creation process?

We leave that up to you to decide as everyone works differently. Some people like brainstorming with their winner every step of the way and sharing their WIPs. Others work best when they go off to work on their own after talking with their winner and are only comfortable with sharing the finished work. You can mention your preferences in your auction work description or establish what kind of relationship you’d like with the winner in your first email to them after the auction ends if you’d rather talk about that privately.

Do I have to share my auction fill publicly?

No. This is something you can and should discuss with your winning bidder; if either or both of you don’t want the fill to be public, it doesn’t need to be. This also applies to beta auctions for which there is “nothing” to show publicly. 

However, we do like to keep track of fills so if you fill something privately, let us know!



When/how can I bid on auctions?

See our How to Participate page.

Will there be time to browse offerings before the auction starts?

Yes! During Preview Week (October 15–21), potential bidders can peruse all available auctions to help determine which auctions they want to pursue during Auction Week.

Am I allowed to contact creators before or during the auction?

Yes, we encourage communicating with creators prior to bidding to assess compatibility, clarify questions about content and DNWs, and ensure that they can fulfill your auction request.

However, once the auction closes, please do not assume you’re the winning bidder; wait for our email which will connect you to the creator.

Do I need to have a prompt before bidding? I don’t know what I want yet.

No, but it’s helpful to have some idea of what you want because you can ask the creator if it’s something they can fulfill before bidding on them. We recommend having a prompt(s) ready when you win and we connect you to the creator so they have as much time to work on their fill as possible. If you don’t have a prompt(s) by then, please tell them when you will or if you’re open to brainstorming prompts with them.

How can I find an auction for the prompt I have in mind?

Use the filters or search function on the listings page (more info on searching here) or our tag list. If you still can’t find an auction that fits, you can use our matchmaking form to see if any creators would be interested in fulfilling your prompt.

Can I place my bid anonymously?

No. However, our site may occasionally show an “anonymous” bidder while their username is being processed.

Can I have someone else (a “proxy”) bid for me if I’m unavailable during Auction Week?

Yes. See our proxy bidder guidelines in our Bidding Guide. We suggest having proxies refrain from bidding until you/they are outbid.

Can I bid on more than one auction?

Yes. We’re hoping to raise as much money as possible, so we encourage you to bid on multiple auctions as long as you can commit to donating the amount(s) that you bid.

Can I retract my bid?

No. All bids are final. If you accidentally enter the wrong amount while bidding, email us immediately and we’ll help you resolve it, but you cannot cancel a bid.

If you win an auction and are unable to fulfill your winning bid for any reason, let us know as soon as possible so we can contact the next highest bidder. Failure to meet your donation obligation may result in a ban so please be mindful of your budget as you bid.

Are group bids allowed?

Yes, group bids (often called “pod bids”) are acceptable. One representative per group should be responsible for coordinating your bid and submitting your donation receipts. See more info here.

What should I do if I’m outbid by a very high pod bid?

While we know this can be disappointing, it’s a natural consequence of Auction Week. You’re free to contact the pod coordinator to explore whether or not you’d like to join the pod. You’re also free to organize a counter-pod of your own.  

For craft and merchandise auctions, does the final bid include shipping?

No. All winning bid amounts must match the amount donated to charity. This means that the final bid does NOT include any shipping costs for items. 

If shipping cost isn’t indicated in an auction listing, please contact the creator to determine who will cover shipping before bidding. Be aware that creators will need your address to send you a physical item. 

Please note that once we receive confirmation of the donation, we’re no longer responsible for communication between creators and bidders.


Can I bid on a work as a gift for someone else and give it to them if I win?

Yes, of course! What a great idea.

After we receive your donation, you may gift someone with a finished work or have your giftee contact the creator directly to customize their gift (in this case, please provide us with the giftee’s contact information). Before bidding on an auction for someone else, please consider both the creator’s and the giftee’s likes and dislikes.

Can I ask a creator if they’re going to take on more than one winner?

We ask that you don’t do this as it can make creators feel overwhelmed or guilty. It’s possible that creators will offer a second winner slot after the end of the auction, but that isn’t guaranteed and is something that the MTH mod team discusses individually and privately with each eligible creator. 

Do I have to donate to my creator’s preferred charities?

No, as long as you donate to one of the charities on our list, your donation will count, but we encourage you to take their suggestions into consideration.

Can I donate to more than one charity?

Yes, as long as the total amount matches your winning bid and we receive all receipts to prove that. Please see our Donation Guide for more details. 

Can I donate more than my final bid amount?

Yes, but your creator is only responsible for creating a fanwork that corresponds to the value of your winning bid as expressed on their auction listing. 

If I win more than one auction, can I make one donation for the cumulative amount of all my wins?

Absolutely, as long as the amount matches the total sum of all your winning bids. If you’re doing a cumulative donation, please submit the receipt(s) to us once. See our Donation Guide for more information.

How do I keep my personal information private on the screenshots for donations?

Personal information on receipts can be redacted; we only need to see the date, charity name, and donation amount. More info can be found in our Donation Guide.

What if something came up and I can’t meet the donation deadline?

Please email us immediately so we can work with you to figure out a solution.

When will I receive my fanwork?

We’re encouraging creators to complete their fanworks by November 2024, but please remember that we’re not generally enforcing a hard deadline. Creators and bidders should work together to create a mutually suitable timeline. 

What happens if my creator never gets back to me about my winning auction?

If you don’t hear from your creator after the MTH mods connect you, please reach out to them yourself! They may be waiting to hear from you. If it has been a few months and you haven’t heard from them at all despite your efforts to get in touch, let us know and we’ll try to contact the creator on your behalf or help you assess the situation.