If there’s something specific you’re looking for, you can describe it on our matchmaking form (available during Preview Week and Auction Week) and it’ll become part of our seeking spreadsheet. This is expressly for harder-to-match auctions, characters/relationships/fandoms/universes that aren’t on our tag list or very specific ideas. If you want something easily found on the website like “Steve/Bucky high school AU” or “an illustration of Alpine,” please use keywords and filters to find matching auctions on our listings page (more info on searching here). Remember, you can always ask creators if they’re up for fulfilling your request if their auction listing doesn’t explicitly include what you’re looking for as long as your request doesn’t fall under their DNWs.

All fanwork type requests are allowed, whether it’s a fic prompt, art idea, beta request, etc.

You can fill this form more than once. If you want to edit or delete a request, please contact us.

Creators will be able to indicate on the spreadsheet (available during Preview Week and Auction Week) if your request is something they’d be willing to do, and you can discuss more details with them through the contact details on their auction page or in the #matchmaking channel on our Discord server.

If you’re a creator who wants to self-promote your auction listing (and we definitely encourage that), you can do so in the general chat channel on our Discord server, and reblog/signal boost your post on Tumblr or Twitter so your followers know!