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Below you will find all the major tags for relationships, fandom, universe etc. which we are sure will prove useful in your search for that One True Auction (or several!).

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Fanwork Types:



Gen Pairings:

Multiple Tag Search

If you want to narrow your search using combinations of tags, you can also do that!

Decide what you want to search for!

When using Multiple Tag Search please input tags into the url in this order:         auction + universe +  ship + char

In this example, you have a hankering to bid on something with T’Challa but nothing shippy. You’d go to your search bar and enter into the URL:



First you can add which auction type you want: auction:-fic

Then add a +

Second  you can add the universe you want: universe:-mcu

Then add a +

Third you can add the ship, or if you don’t want a ship fic: ship:-gen

Then add a +

Fourth, for gen fics you can specify a character: char:-t’challa


For a simpler search, try /search/auction:-beta+ship:-stucky

or input which ever auction type and fic you’re looking for. If you’re having trouble building a combo, join us on discord and we’ll see if we can help!

About Character Tags:

Char tags (listed in Gen Pairings) are meant for searches where you want that character, but not in a ship. So if  you want a fic with Peter Parker  and Shuri just being kickass, your tags would be: ship: gen combined with char: shuri and char: peter parker.

https://mthofferings.tumblr.com/search/auction:-fic+ship:-gen+char:-shuri+char:-peter parker

You can combine any number of tags you like, so explore this useful function!

If you do get stuck while trying to search for something in particular, send us an email to marveltrumpshate+bidding@gmail.com and we’ll do our best to help you. 

Please note: all the above instructions and the following tags apply to the Tumblr posts, not the auction site.