SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 18: Creator sign-ups open at 12 AM ET

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1: Creator sign-ups close at 11:59 PM ET

We will be preparing auction pages and emailing creators to confirm that all their details are correct before Preview Week.


Potential bidders can peruse all the auctions and start building their list of fanworks to bid on. We will also use this time to make corrections to auction pages before bidding begins.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23 : Bids open at 12 AM ET

All auction pages are live. Let the bidding begin!

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29 : Bids close at 11:59:59 PM ET

We will email auction winners to confirm the details of their winning bids and give instructions on how to send in donation receipts. Once we receive a winner’s receipt, we will connect them to their creator.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5: Donation receipts are due by 11:59 PM ET

This is the last day that winners may send us their donation receipt. Failure to send in proof of donation by the deadline will mean the winning bid will go to the second-highest bidder.

NOVEMBER 2023: Soft deadline for MTH 2022 works

This is when we would like to have most, if not all, of the MTH 2022 works posted or completed by. If you are unable to meet this deadline, that is okay as long as you are in touch with your winner and your winner is aware of your progress. You will still be eligible to sign up as a creator for MTH 2023.

SEPTEMBER 2024: Hard deadline for MTH 2022 works

Creators must fulfill all of their MTH 2022 auctions before MTH 2024 sign-ups open to participate as creators for 2024 or any auctions after 2024.