New Bidder Registration

You must have a registered account to bid on an auction. If you already have an account, you can log in to begin bidding. You must make a new account each year to ensure our contact information stays up-to-date.

We will use the following information to contact you and send bid confirmations, outbid notifications, and win confirmations. MTH may also use the email address you provide to let you know about next year’s auction. If you do not provide a valid email address, your bid will be considered invalid and the next bidder will be awarded the win. Additionally, please note that while you can have fun with your bidder name, this will be the name that is shared with the creator if you win and will be used in all correspondence from the MTH team.

When I bid on an auction, I agree to:

  • adhere to the community guidelines
  • follow the Bidders FAQ and Bidding Guide
  • donate my final bid amount in full before the donation deadline if I win
  • provide a prompt to the creator by the soft deadline if I win. If I don’t give one by then, they’re not obligated to fulfill the auction
  • acknowledge that creators have a right to refuse a prompt. If I have something in mind that doesn’t clearly fit a creator’s listed offering, I must contact them before bidding to see if they’re open to the idea or accept that I may need to offer a different prompt if I win
We will use this email to contact you if you win an auction. Please provide an email address that you check frequently or that forwards to an address you check frequently. If we cannot reach you, your win will go to the next highest bidder.
An alternate contact method in case we cannot reach you at your main email. Be sure to specify the platform and your username/ID if necessary. This information will not be displayed publicly, but it may be shared with creators whose auctions you win if they cannot reach you via your main email.