Please be mindful of other participants. People interact with fandom differently, and we have participants from all walks of life from different parts of the world.

  • Remember that not everyone knows you. Think of how you may come off to a stranger—not just to the person you’re addressing but everyone watching as well. Our Discord server, site, and social media platforms are public, not a private group DM. Bantering, chirping, etc. is part of the fun (sports fans, you get it), but just like you wouldn’t go up to a stranger irl and trash talk them unless they indicated beforehand they were up for playing along, keep boundaries in mind
  • It’s fine if you want to have fun playing around with the public display name feature on your bidder account, but using display names to insult, attack, or threaten other participants even in jest is inappropriate. Explicit display names are also not allowed. If we see people misusing this feature, we’ll be stepping in
  • Character or ship bashing is not allowed. If there’s a conversation happening that you’re not interested in, please step away
  • Be careful about commenting on how much or little someone is bidding or offering their works for. Everyone’s situation is different
  • Please do not bad-mouth fellow MTH-ers (this includes griping about response times)
  • Refrain from discussing specific bidders too often publicly. Wondering who someone is or expressing surprise or competitiveness when someone outbids you is fine, but it can get uncomfortable if you bring them up constantly. No one wants to feel like an audience is keeping tabs on them or repeatedly demanding they reveal themselves

We want to emphasize and reiterate that harassment will not be tolerated. This goes against what MTH stands for and our event rules. Violations of these rules may result in warnings, suspensions, or bans, depending on the frequency and severity of the violation.

If you feel targeted by another MTH member, please contact us.

If someone says you’ve hurt them, be kind and respectful. We want a fun, enjoyable, welcoming experience for everyone involved.

Tl;dr, be mindful of the energy you bring! Focusing on the positive rather than the negative will help make this fun, not miserable, for you and everyone else.