Looking for new Marvel content to enjoy? You can search all the Marvel Trumps Hate auction fills created so far!

Below you’ll find all the possible search terms for auction fills. You can also look at completed auction fills by checking out our monthly round-up posts, #mth-fills channel on Discord, or MTH AO3 collection (view subcollections here). If you click on a link and find it empty, it’s because no works have been created for that category yet. We know that some people are eager to see more of their favorite characters, ships, tropes, etc., but please keep in mind that we don’t get involved in communications between creators and winners once we put them in contact with each other. That means we don’t have any say in what the fanwork entails in terms of what the winner asks for and the creator produces and in some cases, people prefer keeping their fill private. However, we always have new fills coming in so keep your eyes peeled!

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You can also search for creators (https://marveltrumpshate.tumblr.com/tagged/CREATORNAME) or characters (https://marveltrumpshate.tumblr.com/tagged/char:+FIRSTNAME+LASTNAME except for characters whose last names are traditionally written before their first name (e.g., Xu Wenwu instead of Wenwu Xu); in that case it should be char:+LASTNAME+FIRSTNAME).

If nothing shows up, you can find out what our tag for that character is by looking at the platonic relationships list and hovering over any relationship with that character to see how we’ve tagged them (since these tags are a combination of multiple character tags) or checking the character tags at the end of our monthly round-up posts.

Note: Characters are listed by their full names they’re commonly known by, but there are some exceptions to this:

  • characters who don’t have a last name (e.g., T’Challa)
  • characters who are called different names in different universes (e.g., Patricia Walker (Trish in the MCU and Patsy in all other universes))
  • characters whose real names are unknown (e.g., Bullseye)
  • characters who are better known by one name or superhero alias than their full name (e.g., Logan, Rogue, Mystique)

Full names will be written with the given name coming first and surname coming last (e.g., Bruce Banner) unless their surname is traditionally written first (e.g., Xu Xialing).

Note: Relationships are written in alphabetical order by the last name of the characters in the ship (e.g., Scott Lang/Hope van Dyne, not Hope van Dyne/Scott Lang), and then the relationship itself is listed alphabetically by the first letter (e.g., Scott Lang/Hope van Dyne is under “S”).

To find the ship tag for more exact searches, click on the link to see the tag associated with a specific ship (e.g, clicking on “Steve Rogers/Tony Stark” will show that the tag for that ship is “ship: stony” at the end of the URL) and plug it into this URL: https://marveltrumpshate.tumblr.com/tagged/ship:+SHIPTAG.

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