Pod Bid Donation Form

Before filling out the form below, please review our donation guide.

Thank you for participating as a bidder in MTH this year, and congratulations on your win(s)! This form is for pod bid donations only. If you have a solo win, please use the Solo Donation Form instead.

This form should only be filled out once per pod by the organizer (the person who made the winning bid on the pod’s behalf). If you contributed to a pod but are not the organizer, provide your pod bid donation receipts to the organizer, who will fill out this form for the group. If you organized more than one pod, you’ll need to fill this out separately for each pod. Please wait until you have all the donations for your pod bid before filling out the form.

If you have more than eight contributors or more than eight receipts to attach, you may fill out this form more than once for the same auction, but please do your best to put matching contributor information and receipts on the same form submission. Your auction will not be recorded as paid until all receipts have been submitted and the total amount donated is equal to or greater than the winning bid.

It is vital that you provide us with your accurate bidder name and email. We must be able to contact you via that email and match your form to a registered bidder on our site. If you wish to use a different email for further communication, please put your current account email in the Bidder Email section and then indicate the email you wish to change to in the Additional Information section. We may contact your original bidder email first to confirm the change. If you have concerns about being reached by email, we also encourage you to provide additional contact information in the Additional Information section; however, do be aware you’ll be matched with the creators of your auction wins by email.

If you have any questions or feel that your donation situation is too complicated to be accurately reflected by this form, please email marveltrumpshate+winner@gmail.com.

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