3028 – penguinofthewaddles

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Art – Gen, Teen, Mature



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Preferred Contact Methods:
Email: penguinofthewaddles@gmail.com
Tumblr: penguinofthewaddles
Twitter: penguinwaddlesd
Instagram: penguinofthewaddles
Preferred Charities:
Assistance Dogs International
Autistic Self Advocacy Network
Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund
Will create works that contain:
Fluff, angst, happy ending, hurt/comfort, fight scenes, cuddle scenes, platonic kisses (not on lips) and hugs, romantic kisses (with ships I like), platonic and romantic cuddling, fix-it, whump, traumatized character recovery, injury/hurt recovery, happy family dynamics, dysfunctional family, implied trauma (torture, heartbreak, neglect, loss) recovery and stuff like that, found family, people eating together, platonic sleeping together (innocent, just for comfort/cold), domestic fluff, some ships, mental illness (depression, anxiety, etc.), neurodivergent things, recovery, action scenes, happy/hopeful ending, (character) gets a hug, characters watching movies together
Will NOT create works that contain:
Really sexual stuff (slightly implied might be ok but case by case basis!), extreme gore (ok with some, just not excessively pls), overeating, excessive body horror, horror in general (spooky/scary is ok, just not too disturbing), any hate/debate regarding religion or politics or controversial things (hate from other characters is ok on marvel villains or bad things happening in Marvel), hating on other people's interests, full nudity, unhappy endings

Pod Bids Welcome? Yes - Podbids welcome!

Opening Bid: $5

Ratings: Gen, Teen, Mature

Sylvie-centric - MCU
Loki-centric - MCU
Wanda Maximoff-centric - MCU
Remy LeBeau/Rogue - X-Men: The Animated Series
Layla El-Faouly & Steven Grant & Marc Spector - MCU
Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers - What If..?
Frigga & Loki - MCU
Shuri & T'Challa - MCU
Michelle Jones/Peter Parker - MCU
Loki & Wanda Maximoff & Stephen Strange - MCU
Work Description:
I do digital art in a cartoony/comic booky style!! I also do Chibi that you can see on socials here!

I can do different characters/relationships than what I listed. 😉 Though I’m a bit picky about shipping, so I might not want to do some relationships super shippy and romantic other that what's listed. Willing to draw pretty much anything gen with characters I know. Feel free to still ask if I want to do a specific romantic ship or something, though; I still might consider it!

I'm familiar with all of the MCU shows and movies, some of X-Men movies, Spider-Man and X-Men Ultimate universe comics, and the AOS Loki storyline! (Haven’t finished it all the way through tho!)

Most likely would be half-body and a couple characters together but willing to negotiate. 😉

As I now work and am in school again, I might need some grace time with my busy schedule, so probably about 1-3 months depending on which auction number you are! (I am doing 3 auctions and I can only work on one at a time lol). If you would like it for a specific holiday or something, let me know and I can try and make it work!

I usually work best with more frequent communication! I like sending wips lol and feel free to reach out for any questions/updates. I usually am most active on Instagram/Twitter/Discord. Also, the more details/specificity in the prompt, the easier it is for me!

Please consider donating to one of the neurodivergent/disability support charities if bidding for this! My cousin is severely disabled and my family has been struggling to find the right care for him, so just on my heart lately and would mean a lot to me as a neurodivergent person myself as well. ❤️❤️

Thanks so much! Can’t wait to see your prompt!

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