3025 – Ginevra Benci

Winning Bid: $90.00

Beta Service – Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit


Ginevra Benci

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Preferred Contact Methods:
Discord: ginbenci
Tumblr: ginbenci
Preferred Charities:
ALA "Unite Against Book Bans" Campaign
Clean Air Task Force
Innocence Project
Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)
Waterkeeper Alliance
Will create works that contain:
fluff; angst; humour; most AUs, including historical; time travel and/or dimension travel; domesticity; action; suspense; casefic; crossovers [I'm always down for DC (Batman) / Marvel crossovers–for anything else, please ask!]; happy, complex, or bittersweet endings; longfics [I like plot]; identity porn / identity shenanigans; mutually pining idiots; love rectangles
Will NOT create works that contain:
For writing: purely unhappy / dark / hopeless endings; unrelieved character bashing; vore; high school au for non-high-school characters; pwp [I like plot]; underage Peter with adult character as endgame; non-AU Starker

For beta: I only ask for a heads-up if there's vore or significant sadness, so I'm not taken by surprise!

Pod Bids Welcome? Yes - Podbids welcome!

Opening Bid: $5

Ratings: Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit

Agent Carter fandom any gen and ship - MCU
Spider-Man fandom any gen and ship - MCU
Iron Man fandom any gen and ship - MCU
Avengers fandom any gen and ship - MCU
Loki fandom any gen and ship - MCU
Work Description:
I'm offering a meticulous beta of basically anything, starting at $5 for 2k, with tiers as follows:

Length Tiers
$5 - 2k
$10 - 5k
$15 - 7.5k
$20 - 10k

After $20, each additional $5 covers another 5k words. Cap is at 200k (which I'll grant at $200, if we get there! ☺) Can be split over multiple works, chapters, etc.


My strengths as a beta are, generally:
- spotting plot holes and keeping plot points and POVs consistent;
- helping translate action to text (e.g. sorting out whose hand is where);
- reading for characterization;
- researching and fact-checking (I *adore* fact-checking); and
- making suggestions for tone, flow, and SPAG!

In essence, I'm a mid-to-late-stage beta, rather than a brainstormer, cheer-reader, or alpha reader. I work best when I've got words to work with.

Testimonials: I've been told, by different people, that I am "an EXCELLENT beta reader" and that my "SPAG eye is fantastic"--take that as you like!

The MCU fandoms I know best are listed above, but if you want something else reach out and we'll see. I can also beta most AUs (some, particularly sports-based, I might need to research--but I *like* research so don't hesitate to ask if one would work). As well, I'm happy to take on crossovers, but I might not know the canon characterization of your cross-universe--so please reach out if you want me to beta a crossover or non-MCU characterization! I can also happily adapt to either US or UK spellings and idiom (or the bizarre chimera that is Canadian English orthography!); just let me know.

Timeline entirely dependent on bid size, when you have words ready, etc. Open to discussions!

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