1031 – Shadowesque

Winning Bid: $15.00

Fic or Other Writing – Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit



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Preferred Contact Methods:
Discord: shadowesque
Dreamwidth: shadowesque
Preferred Charities:
ALA "Unite Against Book Bans" Campaign
Médecins San Frontières (Doctors Without Borders)
National Disaster Search Dog Foundation
National Network of Abortion Funds
The Bail Project
Will create works that contain:
dubcon, noncon, recovery from dubcon/noncon, non-fandom aus, 2012 avengers tower au, h/c, whump, body horror, characters communicating (poorly), mindfuckery, genderbending, angst with a happy ending, angst without a happy ending, pre-relationship, established relationship, introspective character studies, lots of kinks
Will NOT create works that contain:
coffee shop au, historical au, a/b/o, mpreg, kidfic, sickfic, pure fluff, pwp, cheating, watersports, sounding, fisting, ageplay, domesticity with no buildup, heavy action scenes, any (ooc) character bashing, thorki - even as an incidental background thing

Pod Bids Welcome? Yes - Podbids welcome!

Opening Bid: $5

Ratings: Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit

Clint Barton/Loki - MCU
Clint Barton/Laura Barton/Loki - MCU
Work Description:
2k-5k of fic, length dependent on the content desired; I specialize in shorter introspective one-shot type of fics, but if an idea runs away with me, we'll see how long it gets. 2k is the absolute minimum guaranteed.
Will be unable to start work until December 2023 at the earliest
Fully willing to get dark and fucky with it, or genuinely shippy and romantic, or anything in between! Hit me up with any questions about tropes, topics, or kinks you might be interested in.

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