1074 – Kerr Avonsen

Winning Bid: $215.00

Craft or Merchandise – Gen, Teen


Kerr Avonsen

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Preferred Contact Methods:
Email: fan+mthbid@katspace.org
Discord: kerravonsen#1551
Preferred Charities:
Assistance Dogs International
Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund
Girls Who Code
Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders)
Room to Read
Will create works that contain:
symbolism, character study, found family, friendship & bromance, encouragement, redemption
Will NOT create works that contain:
smut, slash, incest, shippy content between characters who have a parent/parental-figure and child relationship, major character death, character bashing, including making good guys into villains (e.g. Hydra!Cap), no powers AU, tragedy

Pod Bids Welcome? No - I'd rather not be bid on by pods

Opening Bid: $30

Ratings: Gen, Teen

Tony Stark-centric - MCU
Loki-centric - MCU
Tony Stark & Avengers Team - MCU
Pepper Potts/Tony Stark - MCU
Loki & Thor - MCU
Goose-centric - MCU
Loki/Sylvie - MCU
Loki & Sylvie - MCU
Jane Foster/Loki - MCU
Tony Stark & His Bots - MCU
Work Description:
I am offering a symbolic/stealth-fannish necklace. That's jewellery that you can wear without it being obvious that it's fan-related. So I don't use logos or faces, I use symbolic things. For example, for Clint Barton (Hawkeye) I would use arrow-charms and for Loki I would use the colour green, and for Thor I'd use a hammer; that kind of thing.

At the minimum, I would make a piece symbolising your chosen character or characters. If inspired with a creative prompt, I may attempt to go deeper, doing a character study, or exploring the relationship between those characters, or touching on the events which influenced them.

You can give me preferences as to styles or colours, but not everything may be possible. If you have any allergies (e.g. wool, nickel, copper), let me know ASAP, as that will affect what materials I can use.

Bids $40 and over would get a matching pair of earrings.
Bids $60 and over would get handmade chainmaille for the "chain" part of the necklace, rather than handmade cord.

For previous examples of my symbolic jewellery, see my AO3 series "Symbolism With Occasional Words" (linked above).

Bidder will get the item posted to them at their expense. Unless they live in Australia, in which case I will post it for free.

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