2019 Example Sign-Up Forms

Below are sample Creator Sign-up and Auction Works forms for Marvel Trumps Hate 2019 creators. First, you fill out your Creator Sign-Up form, which you do only once.

Please note that because Marvellover616 chose to mention specific charities, they were taken to Page 2 of the Creator Sign-Up form. If you choose not to mention specific charities, and click “No,” you will be taken straight to Page 3 of the Creator Sign-Up form.

After you submit the Creator Sign-Up form, you will come to a screen that says thank you for submitting and gives you the link for the Auction Work form. You must fill out this form for each auction that you want to offer.

Remember that you may offer a maximum of three auctions—so you may fill out the Auction Works form a maximum of three times. Please save the Auction Work form link if you think that you would like to offer another auction later. We suggest that you do everything in one sitting so it’s easier!

When you submit your Auction Work form, you will come to a screen that asks whether you want to submit another response. If you would like to offer another auction, click “yes,” and you will get a new Auction Work form. Fill out your details just like you did in the first form you submitted!

In the example below, Marvellover616 wanted to offer a second auction offering, so they came back and filled out a form for the category “Art (illustration or comic)” instead of “Fic or other writing.” This is a completely different offer, and they chose to have a different bid increment and create for different relationships: