517 – Cat

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Fic or other writing – G, Teen, Mature, Explicit



Preferred contact methods:

Tumblr – xxx-cat-xxx

Will create works that contain:


Will not create works that contain:


Ratings: G, Teen, Mature, Explicit

Will create works for the following relationships:

Pepper Potts/Tony Stark – MCU
Bruce Banner/Tony Stark – MCU
Peter Parker & Tony Stark – MCU
Bruce Banner & Tony Stark – MCU
Natasha Romanov & Tony Stark – MCU
Clint Barton & Tony Stark – MCU
Natasha Romanov & Clint Barton – MCU
Avengers Family & Tony Stark – MCU
Avengers Family & Natasha Romanov – MCU
Avengers Family & Peter Parker – MCU

Work Description:

I write hurt/comfort (physical and emotional) one-shots for the MCU, ideally centred around Tony Stark, Irondad or Natasha Romanov. Hurt/comfort can be anything from a fluffy sickfic to psychological torture.

For a better idea, here is my master fic list: xxx-cat-xxx.tumblr.com/myfics and here my AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/users/xxx_cat_xxx/pseuds/xxx_cat_xxx.

Depending on the plot, a typical fic is 1.5k to 3k words long. Feel free to hit me up on tumblr (anonymous messages are welcome) for more information!

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