365 – AvengersNewB

Winning Bid: $25.00

Video – G, Teen, Mature



Preferred contact methods:

Email – avengersnewb@gmail.com

Will create works that contain:

ABO AU, Canon compliant, canon divergence, non canon compliant, fix-it, post cacw, angst with happy ending, fluff, hurt/comfort, getting together, pining, romcom movies AUs, romance movies AUs, team dynamics, established relationship, super family, kids fic, pregnancy, domestic, If you are not sure if I’m up to something for example a specific AU please feel free to email me before bidding.

Will not create works that contain:

Dark/Villain main characters, character bashing, non con, under age,de-aging, rape, graphic violence, incest, slaves, crack, horror, body modification, torture, mind control, permanent breakup, abusive relationship between main pair, any harm to kids, any harm to animals, explicit material, heat/rut focused ABO, If you have something specific in mind specially mature content, please feel free to email me before bidding.

Ratings: G, Teen, Mature

Will create works for the following relationships:

Steve Rogers/Tony Stark – MCU

Work Description:

I am offering to make a video compilation for MCU Steve and Tony relationship moments with footage of all MCU movies, for the song of your choice, but it would be best if you discuss the song with me before bidding.

I could also create a mini love story of your choice for your song using other Chris Evans and RDJ movies, but please contact me first and we can discuss that too. I am hoping for the video compilation to to have a loving/relationship theme and definitely no character bashing. To see the samples of my video compilations (for non-MCU fandom) please check my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcBxyZ4lfaZC-V7Jt02mWoA and feel free to talk to me about what the words actually mean and how they are working out with the video (sorry it’s not English speaking)

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sabrecmc October 25, 2019 4:24 PM $25.00
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