316 – Rawbi Redbest

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Fic or other writing – Teen, Mature, Explicit

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Rawbi Redbest

Preferred contact methods:

Discord – Rawbi Redbest#6520

Will create works that contain:

Horror, fantasy, sci-fi, speculative fiction, AU, fluff, drama, adventure

Will not create works that contain:

Guro, rape, real life people

Ratings: Teen, Mature, Explicit

Will create works for the following relationships:

Stephen Strange/Victor von Doom – any universe

Work Description:

Have a hankering for super science and super magic doctors doing cool stuff together? Here’s your stop for a 5k word fic! As I typically charge 3 cents per word for commissions, the minimum bid for this work is $150. Five times the length, five times the price! I write slowly, so please bear with me while I make your doomstrange dreams come true!

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Total Bids Placed:

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Auction Expired because there were no bids