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Fic or Other Writing – Gen, Teen, Mature



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Preferred Contact Methods:
Tumblr: thelightofthingshopedfor
Twitter: mari_shepard
Preferred Charities:
The Bail Project
Lambda Legal
NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)
The Trevor Project
Will create works that contain:
Queer stuff, fix-it fics, Loki whump, angst, happy or at least hopeful endings, canon-divergence AUs, found family, established relationships, siblings, family issues, hurt/comfort, competence, characters showing deep trust in each other, time travel, time loops, temporary/repeated character death, parallel universes, dreams/nightmares
Will NOT create works that contain:
Incest, smut/porn, Loki as a villain, Hydra Cap positivity, major character death, unhappy endings, mundane AUs (office, high school, coffee shop, etc., unless I can do it within the existing fandom rather than as a wholesale universe change), shippy content between underage and adult characters unless it's portrayed as abusive

Ratings: Gen, Teen, Mature

Loki - AvAc, MCU
Loki & Thor - AvAc, MCU
Loki/Steve Rogers - MCU
Loki & Steve Rogers - AvAc, MCU
Loki/Valkyrie - MCU
Gamora & Loki - AvAc, MCU
Loki & Nebula - AvAc, MCU
Loki & Wanda Maximoff - MCU
Loki/Sif - MCU
Loki & Natasha Romanov - AvAc, MCU
Work Description:
I pretty much only write Loki fic and I pretty much only want to write Loki fic. He would be my primary focus in anything I end up writing; I'm interested both in writing fic that's almost exclusively about him where other characters only make minor appearances, and in writing fic that does focus on a relationship (platonic or shippy) with other characters. For the latter, I'd potentially be interested in writing him with characters that aren't in my list of ships. I can also write him with most other Thor characters and most Avengers, for instance (probably others as well, but it would be a good idea to contact me before bidding to check), and aside from not wanting to write anything shippy with Thor or Wanda, I could do platonic or shippy for any of these pairings. I'm especially invested in his sibling relationship with Thor. (For AvAc Loki, I mostly ship him with Natasha and Union Jack, but I'm also very invested in him having friends in general.) Loki's queerness is important to me whether or not a romantic relationship is involved, so that's always something I like to explore. I won't write anything where he's permanently dead, but I enjoy IW/Endgame fix-it fics that bring him back or never kill him to begin with, and I like beating him up (whump and angst alike, especially in a context of what Thanos did to him pre-Avengers) on the way to earning a happy ending–the kinds of things I've already written, really. Hurt/comfort is always extremely good. I write pretty slow but I can commit to 2,000 words minimum for the starting bid, and I can definitely get it done by the soft deadline. I'm happy to talk about specific prompts, or if you like the sound of something on my WIP list, please feel free to pick that. You also can't really go wrong suggesting something from a Whumptober prompt list. I can't really imagine a scenario where I wouldn't want to post the finished fic to AO3, so please don't bid if you're looking for a private fic.

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