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Fic or Other Writing – Mature, Explicit



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Preferred Contact Methods:
Discord: intoxicatelou#7579
Tumblr: intoxicatelou
Dreamwidth: intoxicatelou
Preferred Charities:
The Bail Project
NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
National Immigration Law Center
Rainbow Railroad
The Trevor Project
Will create works that contain:
Lighthearted or humorous fic, angst with a happy ending, crack-ish/crack treated seriously, For Science!, mutual pining, identity porn, meta/in-universe RPF, most* romcom or ship tropes like undercover as a couple or mistaken for dating or accidental marriage, hurt/comfort, canon divergence, fix-it fics, & most** AUs that add an element to the universe (e.x: soulmate AU). If I’ve written something, more likely than not I will be willing to write it again.

For smut, I would be excited to write a large range of kinks as well as vanilla sex. I am especially interested in kink exploration and comfortable writing straight up PWP or porn with ~ little ~ plot. I like to incorporate themes of tenderness and consensual happy times in my fic, I am also comfortable writing angsty sex pollen / something made them do it dub-con sexy times with ~ angsty ~ pining and that fun "if this is supposed to be bad why does it feel so good?" content. For more niche things not on my DNW list, feel free to contact me.

*I am comfortable with writing most tropes with the exception of Arranged Marriage.
** I am comfortable with writing most AUs with the exception of a/b/o
Will NOT create works that contain:
Extreme underage sexual or romantic relationships*. Mundane AUs**. AUs involving: prison, organized crime, religion, slavery, student/school teacher*** , A/B/O, arranged marriage, people being related who are not related in canon. Infidelity within ship**** Gender dysphoria. Characters who are not villains as villains. Manipulation of a romantic interest. Ship fic in which the ship is bad for each other or intended to be an unhappy or unhealthy relationship. Unhappy endings.

For fic with sex, any of: noncon, dubcon due to malicious intent on either character’s part (yes: accidental sex pollen, mission goes wrong and bad guys made them do it, no: A/B ship fic where character A drugs character B to cop a feel). Rape play, age play, daddy**or mommy kink, lifestyle or 24/7 BDSM (bondage, power dynamics, and pain play are all fine), extended negotiation, sex acts as a punishment, deliberate humiliation, scat, watersports, or animal play (e.g. puppy play or pony play), permanent or serious injuries arising from a sex act, kinking on race or disability.

*I personally define extreme underage as anything younger than 16 years old. For example, for Peter/Tony, I am willing to write Peter Parker as young as 16 when he begins a romantic/sexual relationship with Tony.

**In the past, I have written daddy kink + Mundane AUs and if you would like a sequel/remix of a fic that I have already written which contains those things, then I would wave these two DNWs in that situation.

*** For Peter/Tony, mentor/mentee dynamics are fine.

**** I will not write ship fic where characters are cheating on each other with a third party, but I am willing to write infidelity as cause of ship getting together, i.e: Pepper Potts / MJ fic where Pepper Potts cheats on Any Character with Michelle Jones (MJ) is good, but I will not write Pepper Potts cheats on Michelle Jones (MJ) with Any Character.

Ratings: Mature, Explicit

Peter Parker/Tony Stark - MCU

Peter Parker/Pepper Potts/Tony Stark - MCU
Work Description:
This offer is for a fic with a minimum of 3k words. Higher bids will not guarantee a higher word count, but will incentivize it. Unless I’m exceptionally inspired, the end product is unlikely to be over 10k for this offer.

I’ll be approaching this like any regular AO3 exchange gift. What this means: Word count may go way over or may stay close to the minimum. As always, I will do several passes for spag and try to get a beta for the work. I will write to a general prompt/idea/freeforms (similar to those matched on in an exchange assignment), likes, and DNWs (do not wants). I will not guarantee I can fit in every like (I’ll do my best!), but I will guarantee to avoid every DNW.

Unlike exchange works, I’m willing to share the work as it’s created and before posting to be certain it’s something you’re happy with. I’m willing also to converse with you and brainstorm ideas if you are not sure what you would like. However, if you already have a very, very specific prompt in mind (i.e: something more than general prompt/freeforms), I would appreciate if you would check with me first. I am not willing to write Gen or T fic for this offer.

Also, I would be excited to write sequels to, AUs of, or remixes of most of my fic.

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