288 – Flightinflame

Winning Bid: $12.00

Fic or other writing – G, Teen, Mature, Explicit



Preferred contact methods:

Tumblr – flightinflame
Discord – jasper #0950

Will create works that contain:

Happy endings, hurt/comfort, fluff, angst, AUs, ABO, D/s, slice of life, mpreg, if you’re not sure if I’m up for something, please message me!

Will not create works that contain:

Unhappy endings, incest, terminal illness, highschool AUs, underage

Ratings: G, Teen, Mature, Explicit

Will create works for the following relationships:

Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier – any universe
Armando Muñoz/Alex Summers – any universe
Hank McCoy/Mystique – any universe
Emma Frost & Erik Lehnsherr – any universe
Destiny/Mystique – any universe
Logan/Charles Xavier – any universe
Kurt Wagner/Warren Worthington III – X-Men movieverse
Jean Grey/Logan/Scott Summers – X-Men movieverse
Erik Lehnsherr/Logan/Charles Xavier – any universe
X-Men fandom gen – any universe

Work Description:

I’m offering a 5-10k fic, which I can begin work on in early 2020, and should have completed within two months, dependent upon prompts. I’d like quite a specific prompt. I am happy to include multiple pairings, and background pairings not mentioned in the “relationships I will create for” section, and please feel free to message me with questions and AU ideas to see if I’ll write them! I’m very interested in what ideas you have. You will be welcome to have input on the fic, but I will use my own beta reader! Thank you

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athletiger October 26, 2019 1:31 AM $12.00
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Lyndsaylou October 24, 2019 11:03 AM $5.00