2025 – Nova of Avalonia

Winning Bid: $50.00

Fic or Other Writing – Explicit


Nova of Avalonia

See Nova of Avalonia’s existing works here and here.

Preferred Contact Methods:
Discord: SpaceCrazyArtist#8523
Email: SpaceCrazyArtist@gmail.com
Tumblr: NovaOfAvalonia
Preferred Charities:
Anything from the list of approved organizations
Will create works that contain:
I enjoy writing Happy Endings, Domesticity, Kid Fic, MCU-Fix-it, Angst, ABO.

Will NOT create works that contain:
I do not write complete AUs that have zero ties into the canon universe, but canon divergent, what-if or the story being told in a different way I will absolutely write. I don't mind writing angst, as long as the ending is somewhat happy, but will not write completely unhappy endings. For non-con/dub-con, I don’t mind hints to past experiences, or discussions of past experiences, but I will not write the main pairing into a rape scene with each other. I will not write infidelity for the main pairing, though I'm okay with writing someone cheating on one of the characters in the main pairing.

Other things I will not write under any circumstances:
** Persons younger than 16 in any sexual situation regardless of if it is with another of the same age or someone older
** Overly graphic gore
** Feeding kinks
** Penetration bulge - this is where the penetrator’s cock is so large you can see the penetratee’s stomach bulge

Ratings: Explicit

Loki/Thor - MCU
Loki/Stephen Strange - MCU
Work Description:
The starting bid of $4 is for a 2K word fic (if longer that's on me); if the bid reaches $30 the word count will increase to 5K.

I love exploring most options when it comes to Thor and Loki, or Loki and Stephen Strange (or Thor/Loki/Strange). I enjoy exploring the dynamic between their powers and writing about how they can combine their powers to work together. I enjoy Jotun intersex Loki, Enemies to Lovers, or in Thorki’s case, arranged marriage.

I love writing anywhere from a teen rating to explicit and enjoy a variety of kinks. I prefer to work with three prompts, or tropes to choose from. You can give me as much detail as you want with as many kinks or tropes as you want to add. No guarantees they’ll all be in the story, but the more you give me the better the story will turn out.

I will not do a human-Au (No powers). They just don’t interest me, but an AU where the canon is slightly mixed up (role reversal, power reversal, a story told in a new way that adds canon) I am completely down for. If you want to bid but are uncertain if I’d be willing to write your AU idea, feel free to reach out to me, I’d be happy to discuss it. For an example on how I would write an AU, check out my Stony Mulan AU found here.

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