2006 – Ruquas

Winning Bid: $302.00

Fic or Other Writing – Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit



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Preferred Contact Methods:
Discord: Ruquas#8838
Tumblr: Ruquas
Email: angsty.butterfly@gmail.com
Preferred Charities:
Anything from the list of approved organizations
Will create works that contain:
I am good at kink stories, AUs (especially modern AU, but everything else just takes a bit of research) of all kind except the ones listed below (A/B/O AU is also up for grabs but with the restrictions listed below!) and all kinds of every day fics.

The pairing can be on the ace spectrum, too. Gen fic / Friendship fic is also an option!

For endings, I prefer to write realistic endings. I can give you a happy ending any time of the day if needed, but I cannot give you a sad ending.

If you want to get an idea of what I write, feel free to roam my AO3 account.
If you are unsure about anything you might like to see, feel free to contact me through Discord, mail or tumblr. Discord would be the quickest though!
Will NOT create works that contain:
Below you can find, sorted, the things I certainly won't do on request. Should there be a situation where it might come up in my fic, I will contact you beforehand and ask if that's fine. If you still have something that you think might maybe eventually could be a No-Go, just send me a DM and let's see if I can work with it <3

Major Character Death, Dark!Fic, Dark!Character, Child abuse, Child death/Miscarriage, lactaction/breastfeeding, explicit birth, explicit MPreg, Crack (Humor is fine!), gaslighting, torture (explicit)/amputations (explicit), Drugs/Taking Drugs

Serial Killer AU, Space AU, Secret Identity / Identity Porn, Road Trip AU, Vampires, Werewolves (excluding A/B/O Universe), Canon Compliant, Monster AU / Supernatural AU / Shifter AU (e.g. one character is part spider/djinn/incubus)

feet, petplay, scat, vore, gore, snuff, blood drinking, gaslighting, oviposition

Pod Bids Welcome? Yes - Podbids welcome!

Opening Bid: $5

Ratings: Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit

Clint Barton/Phil Coulson - MCU
Steve Rogers/Tony Stark - MCU
Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers - MCU
Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark - MCU
Bucky Barnes/Tony Stark - MCU
Bucky Barnes/Clint Barton - MCU
Work Description:
In this auction, I am offering a FanFic for what I call "Common/Popular Pairing". This means every pairing in this auction has over 1500 works in their Pairing Tag on AO3.

For bidding, you get a fic with 1k minimum to your liking. For every additional 10$ you get another 1k minimum. This can go up to a 5k minimum. This doesn't mean that the fic won't maybe have more than 5k, but everything above it won't be guaranteed.

The fic will be as long as your prompt or plot allows it to be. If it won't reach the wordcount you bid on, you get another fic with the missing word count.

I am a multishipper. If your pairing isn't listed, ask me if I would write it.

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October 29, 2022 11:54 PM $302.00
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October 27, 2022 5:33 AM $180.00
October 25, 2022 10:04 PM $175.00
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October 25, 2022 5:15 AM $100.00
October 25, 2022 2:01 AM $80.00
October 23, 2022 10:28 AM $75.00
October 23, 2022 9:25 AM $60.00
October 23, 2022 2:09 AM $40.00
October 23, 2022 12:29 AM $5.00