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Podfic – Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit



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Preferred Contact Methods:
Discord: Theo Rose#2535
Tumblr: roseszain
Email: theoshanerose@gmail.com
Preferred Charities:
Anything from the list of approved organizations
Will create works that contain:
fluff and romance/getting together, pining, first kisses, love confessions, friends to lovers, fake/pretend relationships, mistaken for dating, and arranged marriage, soulmate aus, truth potions, love spells (no noncon) that cause misunderstandings, magical mishaps, fix its, college and frat aus, high school aus, jock/nerd aus, roommate aus, neighbor aus, modern aus, action/adventure, fighting monsters

people processing their trauma and helping each other work through things, trans, nb, genderfluid, agender, gnc main characters deaf/hard of hearing characters, especially using sign language, found family (including genfic), polyamory - getting together, relationship negotiation, polycule, any fluffy positive fics of poly people loving and living their lives, characters with autism, ADHD, anxiety, and other neurodivergencies, characters with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, physical disabilities and issues, bilingual/multilingual/polyglot characters, characters who have a connection to their heritage and cultural traditions, Jewish characters and content

Time travel/time loop/time fuckery, bodyswap, huddle for warmth/forced proximity, sick fic/wound care/patching up after a fight/gentle kind touches fighting to hide their feelings, magic/fantasy, Sci-fi/Space!!!, Only One Bed, slow burn!
Will NOT create works that contain:
major character death (unless they come back to life)


suicide, extensive self harm, or attempted suicide (okay with mention or discussion of)

unhappy ending

permanent break up

major break up and make ups

infidelity (between main ship)

non con (dubcon is iffy)

detailed torture or abuse

relationships that are toxic and have unequal power dynamics

PWP - porn/smut with little to no smut

underage or major age difference content

Pod Bids Welcome? Yes - Podbids welcome!

Opening Bid: $8

Ratings: Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit

Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers - MCU
Bruce Banner/Thor - MCU
Peter Parker/Wade Wilson - 616, MCU, TASM
Matt Murdock/Peter Parker/Wade Wilson - 616, MCU
Clint Barton/Matt Murdock - 616, MCU
Clint Barton-centric - 616, MCU
Work Description:
Overall statement - I personally know very little comic info, but I've gained a lot thru fandom and fic osmosis. I have not seen MCU movies past Age of Ultron (tho again, i know most thru osmosis), and prefer to do fics pre Infinity Wars, tho I do love me fix it content

Bucky/Steve - you can look at other stucky content i've made, but please note i cannot do a Boston accent LOL. maybe one day? Super here for friends to lovers, but also works dealing with Bucky's arm, Jewish content, and both of their mental issues (PTSD, anxiety, flashbacks, etc) from their past

Bruce/Thor - these 2 are exempt from my age different squick in canon content. I do a vague affluent American/vaguely British voice for Thor. Again, you can refer to podfics I've done of them

any Peter Parker content - with romantic fics, unless aged up/future au content, I don't want to do Tom Holland Spidey

Deadpool - MY GUY! All good with the usual shenanigans for him, as well as any violence and profanity that come with it. I'm EXTRA for discussion, angst, and dealing with his scars, pain, physical appearance.

Clint - will gladly do content more comic based for him. I LOVE how the comics portrayed his hearing disability and love to see the MCU fandom add it. Any and all iterations of him I'd love to do. I'm newer to his side of the fandom, and have delved into few ships for him, but would love to work on ASL, sign, HOH, and deaf content for him in gen fic

I will gladly discuss options with the winner as to what they'd like. I'll gladly do one big podfic or a few smaller pods that add up to a similar word count. Depending on length, I should be able to have the podfic(s) by early spring. If longer, can be posted all at once later on, or in stages per chapter/work/etc.

$8-$16 - up to 5k
$18-$30 - up to 10k
$32-$48 - up to 15k
$50-$58 - up to 20k

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