195 – cruria

Winning Bid: $30.00

Craft or merch – G, Teen



Preferred contact methods:

Email – janinaconstancja@gmail.com
Discord – cruria #1281
Instagram – cruriaart

Will create works that contain:

any character, any universe and AU (except abo and furry)

Will not create works that contain:

furry/alpha-beta-omega au, adult-minor ships, incest ships

Ratings: G, Teen

Will create works for the following relationships:

Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier – any universe
James “Bucky” Barnes/Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanov – any universe
Tony Stark/Stephen Strange – any universe

Work Description:

This auction is for custom stickers.

The pictures will be drawn in the style of your choosing (sample linked below) and printed on glossy sticker foil. I will send 3 stickers of each design to the winning bidder at my expense.

With each $5 bid increase, you can order one more character to appear, either on the same drawing, or on another sticker.
My Relationships section lists my top three ships, but I will draw literally every character and relationship, as long as it’s not romantic adult/minor or incest.

Here’s a sample of styles you can choose from: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RHgfOPGTLunrFwSTFJl0vN3oY1fbChZw/view?usp=sharing

I’ll start working on the stickers as soon as I receive the winner’s description of what they would like.
Depending on the number of drawings the person wins, it will probably take from two weeks to two months (not including shipping time) to complete the fill.

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Total Bids Placed:

Auction has expired

Highest bidder was: AnonMink

Bidder Name Bidding Time Bid
AnonMink October 26, 2019 11:49 AM $30.00
Shygryf@yahoo.com October 26, 2019 9:39 AM $26.00
issa October 25, 2019 9:51 PM $25.00
Juls October 25, 2019 5:37 PM $22.00
kali October 23, 2019 11:25 PM $20.00
Adrasteia October 22, 2019 12:41 PM $15.00
AnonMink October 20, 2019 12:09 PM $10.00
flightinflame October 20, 2019 12:03 PM $6.00
issa October 20, 2019 8:02 AM $5.00