1205 – Firelightmystic

Winning Bid: $310.00

Fic or Other Writing – Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit



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Preferred Contact Methods:
Email: wretchedshenanigans@gmail.com
Tumblr: firelightmystic
Discord: firelightmystic #1685
Preferred Charities:
NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
Native American Rights Fund
Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
The Trevor Project
Will create works that contain:
Social/Corporate/Political Intrigue, Smut, Kinks, BDSM AU, Horror, Angst, Action, Fantasy AU, Supernatural AU, Mob/Crime AU
Will NOT create works that contain:
Underaged ships
Ships featuring aged-up canonical minors
Hard/Extreme Kinks

Ratings: Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit

Steve Rogers/Tony Stark - Any Universe
Tony Stark/Victor von Doom - Any Universe
Tony Stark/Tiberius Stone - Any Universe
Bucky Barnes/Tony Stark - Any Universe
Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark - Any Universe
James "Rhodey" Rhodes & Tony Stark - Any Universe
Carol Danvers/James "Rhodey" Rhodes - Any Universe
Carol Danvers/Maria Rambeau - Any Universe
Natasha Romanov/Tony Stark - Any Universe

Tony Stark/Emma Frost - Any Universe
Work Description:
What’s this, you want angst? Drama? Banter? Supernatural shenanigans? Lots of smut? Got ya covered!

I am offering to write a fic, 15K - 20K your choice of plot, or I can let you at my stash of secret WIPs for inspiration. Every Increment lands you another 5K in words!

If you want smut, I will also include up to 7 of the following smutty, smutty tropes:
Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Armor Kink, BDSM AU, Biting, Bloodplay, Cock-warming, Cunnilingus/Oral Sex, Exhibition, Face-sitting, Femdom, First Time, Hand Jobs, High Heels, Intercrural Sex, Knifeplay, Lingerie, Multiple Orgasms, Nipple Play, Obedience, Orgasm Delay/Orgasm Denial, Overstimulation, Pegging, Post-Battle Sex, Power Perversion, Praise Kink, Rimming, Rough-Sex, Sex Toys, Shibari/Rope Bondage, Spanking/Whipping, Stockings, Strap-Ons, Tentacles.

If you want something not listed above, I am open to negotiation.

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