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Fic or Other Writing – Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit



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Preferred Contact Methods:
Twitter: Naughtypastryc1
Email: Kris10sv@yahoo.com
Preferred Charities:
Anything from the list of approved organizations
Will create works that contain:
First time, fluff, coffee shop/bakery/kitchen au, specific/detailed prompts of your choosing. Poly relationships.
Will NOT create works that contain:
Any kind of scat play. Dark!characters. Unhappy endings. Bdsm. Love triangles. Character bashing.

Ratings: Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit

Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark - MCU
Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers - MCU
Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanov - MCU
Work Description:
I am new to writing marvel, but I’ve been a fan for a long time. I feel more comfortable with my characterizations for some people than others but please, ask me if you’re curious. I may not have thought about it before.

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