1184 – Baneme

Winning Bid: $75.00

Art – Gen, Mature, Explicit



See Baneme’s existing works here and here.

Preferred Contact Methods:
Email: baneme.art@gmail.com
Twitter: banemeart
Tumblr: baneme-art
Preferred Charities:
Anything from the list of approved organizations
Will create works that contain:
Angst, fantasy medieval AU, mob AU, smut and NSFW, getting together, established relationships, fluff, humor, friends to lovers to enemies to friends to lovers etc.
Will NOT create works that contain:
Underage, de-aging, high school AU, major character death etc.

Ratings: Gen, Mature, Explicit

Steve Rogers/Tony Stark - Any Universe
Kate Bishop/America Chavez - 616
Carol Danvers/Jessica Drew - 616
Bucky Barnes/Natasha Romanov - Any Universe
Luke Cage/Any - Any Universe
Loki/Any - Any Universe
James "Rhodey" Rhodes/Tony Stark - Any Universe
Carol Danvers/Maria Rambeau - MCU
Valkyrie/Any - Any Universe
Natasha Romanov & Tony Stark - Any Universe
Work Description:
I'm offering a coloured illustration, mini comic and social media AU. This gets upgraded to a mini comic if a bid is $40 and above.

The relationships in my relationship section are only my preferred characters. If you have any questions, feel free to email me before you place your bid.

Estimating -1 month to complete. It depends on how work/life things go.

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Total Bids Placed:

Auction has expired

Highest bidder was: tonystarkier

Bidder Name Bidding Time Bid
tonystarkier October 19, 2020 10:28 PM $75.00
jellybeanforest October 18, 2020 11:48 AM $70.00
betheflame October 18, 2020 7:07 AM $63.00
Mairi October 18, 2020 5:17 AM $55.00
betheflame October 18, 2020 12:17 AM $50.00