1178 – Hundredthousands

Winning Bid: $266.00

Art – Gen, Teen



See Hundredthousands’s existing works here and here.

Preferred Contact Methods:
Tumblr: hundredthousands
Discord: HT#2586
Preferred Charities:
Anything from the list of approved organizations
Will create works that contain:
Fluff, angst, AUs, character portraits, scenes from fanfiction
Will NOT create works that contain:

Ratings: Gen, Teen

Steve Rogers/Tony Stark - MCU
Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers - MCU
Bucky Barnes/Tony Stark - MCU
Captain America fandom any gen and ship - MCU
Iron Man fandom any gen and ship - MCU
Thor fandom any gen and ship - MCU
Black Panther fandom any gen and ship - MCU
Avengers fandom any gen and ship - MCU
Work Description:
***Note: my two MTH auctions are different in terms of the characters being offered.***

Offering: one digital painting with 1-2 characters and a simple background. For examples of what to expect, please see my MTH 2018 works on AO3 (click on the first link to my existing works).

Prompts: I can work from general or specific prompts. (My 2018 prompts were 'semi-abstract Steve/Tony', 'Captain America reading to kids', and a Jane Foster scene from a fanfic.) I can also take reference pictures as prompts, or even something as simple as just a character if you want to give me that kind of artistic freedom. 😛 If you'd like to run your idea by me before bidding, I'd be happy to discuss it with you!  

Work style/timeline: I like to make 2-3 thumbnails/sketches for the winner to choose from before I work on the final image. I can start as soon as I get the prompt, and if all goes well, I'd like to finish the artwork by February 2021. 

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Total Bids Placed:

Auction has expired

Highest bidder was: Kalika

Bidder Name Bidding Time Bid
Kalika October 24, 2020 11:59 PM $266.00
Rise October 24, 2020 11:56 PM $261.00
Kalika October 24, 2020 11:45 PM $210.00
citsiurtlanu October 24, 2020 11:43 PM $205.00
Kalika October 24, 2020 7:50 PM $200.00
citsiurtlanu October 24, 2020 12:46 PM $160.00
Kalika October 23, 2020 3:42 PM $150.00
citsiurtlanu October 23, 2020 12:33 AM $130.00
Kalika October 18, 2020 6:53 PM $125.00
jellybeanforest October 18, 2020 12:03 PM $120.00
JehBeeEh October 18, 2020 12:40 AM $115.00
issa October 18, 2020 12:36 AM $110.00
JehBeeEh October 18, 2020 12:21 AM $105.00
Kalika October 18, 2020 12:12 AM $100.00