1136 – Fox

Winning Bid: $75.00

Art – Gen, Teen, Mature



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Preferred Contact Methods:
Email: spacefoxen@gmail.com
Tumblr: where-desert-touches-the-stars
Tumblr: foxprints
Preferred Charities:
Assistance Dogs International
Autistic Self Advocacy Network
Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund
Girls Who Code
Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
Will create works that contain:
cuddling, kissing, hugging, slice of life, found family, hurt/comfort, Only One Bed, cuddling for warmth, fluff, suggestive content, disability representation, enemies/friends to lovers, canon-typical violence, dynamic action, angst, domestic bliss, platonic intimacy, rivals to lovers, queer and undefinable relationships, hand holding, casual intimacy, whump, scars, food as love language, injuries and wound care, ace/aro spectrum, forced proximity, praise kink, hair pulling, unconventional gestures of affection, bathing together

conditional: mech, nudity, kids, horror, fantasy AU, soulmate AU , backgrounds, cross dressing, modern/mundane AUs (like tattoo/floral/coffee shop, etc), shape shifting, lingerie, kinks (except those listed under 'do not want'), crossovers/fusions, AUs in general (except those listed under 'do not want'), non binary/trans characters (not my wheelhouse but I can Try!), sci-fi AUs, wings/angel aus, self harm, pin-ups, illustrations for fics written by the bidder
Will NOT create works that contain:
graphic gore/torture, major character death, domestic/sexual violence, anything with Hydra (Bucky as the Winter Soldier is fine!), explicit sexual content, graphic nudity, high school/college AUs, a/b/o, crack, crossover,dub/non con, fusion, genderswap, mpreg, underage, pregnancy, bathroom kinks, abuse, bdsm, uncharacteristically dark!characters, sexy costumes, body horror, arranged marriage au, cheating, breakups, disability erasure, age play, daddy/mommy kink, pet play, comic panels, reader/self insert, historical aus, stripper/sex worker au, slavery au, extreme power imbalances, anthro, incest, celebrity aus, self-cest, addiction, de-aging/changing a character's canonical age, fate/destiny, suicide/attempted suicide, animal death/abuse (hunting for survival ok), oviposition, villainous characters portrayed as heroes, vampire AUs, voyeurism, bestiality, stalking, humiliation kink, time travel/loops

Pod Bids Welcome? Yes - Podbids welcome!

Opening Bid: $15

Ratings: Gen, Teen, Mature

Clint Barton & Kate Bishop - 616, MCU
Bucky Barnes & Clint Barton - 616, AvAc, AA, MCU
Clint Barton & Natasha Romanov - 616, AvAc, AA, MCU
Bucky Barnes & Natasha Romanov - 616, MCU
Bucky Barnes/Clint Barton - 616, AvAc, AA, MCU
Clint Barton & Lucky - 616, MCU
Alpine & Bucky Barnes - 616, MCU
Kate Bishop & Lucky - 616, MCU
Liho & Natasha Romanov - 616, MCU
Alpine & Bucky Barnes & Clint Barton & Lucky - 616, MCU
Work Description:
Bust (chest up) : Sketch-$15 | Ink-$20 | Flat Color-$25 | Full Render- $35+
Waist/Chest up : Sketch-$20 | Ink-$25 | Flat Color-$30 | Full Render- $40+
Full Body : Sketch-$25 | Ink-$30 | Flat Color-$35 | Full Render- $45+
2 characters : Sketch- add $10 | Ink-add $15 | Flat Color-add $15 | Full Render- $60+

If the final bid amount doesn't reach a high enough value for two characters, you are welcome to request a piece featuring one of the characters in the listed relationships. Pets DO NOT count as a second character, meaning if you want art of one character and a pet, you can follow the tiers as if they're one character.

For example: if you want a full body piece of Clint/Bucky in flat colors, you would need to bid a minimum of $50. If you want a full body piece of Clint & Lucky—or just Clint—in flat colors, you would need to bid a minimum of $35.

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Total Bids Placed:

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Highest bidder was:

Bidder Name Bidding Time Bid
October 29, 2022 10:40 PM $75.00
October 29, 2022 8:49 PM $70.00
October 28, 2022 9:30 PM $65.00
October 28, 2022 7:41 PM $60.00
October 27, 2022 9:55 PM $55.00
October 27, 2022 9:55 PM $50.00
October 27, 2022 10:46 AM $40.00
October 25, 2022 9:28 PM $35.00
October 24, 2022 10:29 PM $30.00
October 24, 2022 9:00 PM $25.00
October 23, 2022 10:13 PM $15.00