1124 – Rise Up Ting Ting Like Glitter/Wiggle

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Fic or Other Writing – Teen, Mature, Explicit


Rise Up Ting Ting Like Glitter/Wiggle

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Preferred Contact Methods:
Email: dunhamdeplume@gmail.com
Discord: Rise Up Ting Ting Like Glitter#1703
Tumblr: Rise-Up-Ting-Ting-Like-Glitter
Preferred Charities:
Anything from the list of approved organizations
Will create works that contain:
I’m good for most AUs or Canon Divergence. I’m better for second degree AUs (royalty, fairy tale, assassins, space pirates, warlords) than I am for first degree (coffee shop, college). Plotty fics are my bread and butter. I’m good for T-E ratings and have no problem with PWP, though I reserve the right to nope out of any individual kinks. -best to talk to me first if you want something porny!

Give me a plot to wrap it around or let me loose and I’m all about: BAMF Tony, Angst with a happy ending, power imbalance with a happy ending, arranged marriage, forced proximity (snowed-in, magically bonded, oops handcuffs) zombie apocalypse, A/B/O, getting together/falling in love, shifters/supernatural creatures, crack played straight, fake relationships, the Winter Soldier as a separate personality, bodyguards! MUTUAL PINING.

If you’re not sure if I’m into something please contact me! My DMs are yours to invade!
Will NOT create works that contain:
Fix-its, unrequited feelings, large age-gaps (supernatural reasons ie. vampires or super soldier serum reasons are fine), High school AUs, unhappy endings, major archive warnings (temporary, or otherwise limited MCD is worth contacting me about!), cheating/infidelity, kidfic/babyfic/pregnancy fic/deaged very young fic. I’m not ready for anything historical.

Ratings: Teen, Mature, Explicit

Bucky Barnes/Tony Stark - MCU

Bucky Barnes/Tony Stark/Winter Soldier - MCU
Work Description:
I’m offering a minimum of 5k fic which is unlikely to exceed 20k. I confess, a good plot could run longer. I’m flexible, so any level of input from you will likely work for me.

If you have a plot in advance, it’s always best to confirm it with me, but I’ll do my best to work in your favourite tropes and any kinks I’m comfortable with. I’m happy to brainstorm with you or let you loose in the wilds of my idea/WIPs folder if you aren’t pre-armed with something you’d like to see.

If you need a place to start, I’m looking for an excuse to write warlord Tony with tribute Bucky, OR Bucky and Tony falling in love during a zombie apocalypse in space, OR any flavour of Sentinel/Guide AU. So if these things, or things like them, might be up your alley, I’m your purveyor of words.

Let’s talk fusion fic! If you have movies/shows that you’d like to see retold with our favourite ship, contact me! If I’m familiar with the movie/show in question, I’m sure we can make it work!

If you’re interested in WI+ pairings, (Stuckony, WIH, WIW etc.) I’m open to discussion!

I adhere to the philosophy of getting a first draft into existence by any means necessary. As a result, I’m unlikely to have something cohesive to share until I’m well into the editing stages. If you’re cool with plenty of talk and random cleaned up snippets until the fic is almost ready to post, we’ll get along swimmingly. I’m also good to work entirely solo after the planning stages.

Scheduling: I’ll be available for chatting/brainstorming immediately. However, I am unlikely to begin before January. Final length of the fic will determine delivery date.

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