112 – blackrose_17

Winning Bid: $42.00

Fic or other writing – G, Teen, Mature, Explicit



Preferred contact methods:

Email – brokenwing_17@hotmail.com

Will create works that contain:

all kinds of AUs, crossovers, mpreg, a/o/b, fluffy, romantic, angst, fix-it

Will not create works that contain:

Rape, non-con, extreme kinks, major character death, extremely dark

Ratings: G, Teen, Mature, Explicit

Will create works for the following relationships:

Tony Stark/Any – MCU – except Pepper/Tony
Loki/Thor – MCU
James “Bucky” Barnes/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark – MCU
James “Bucky” Barnes/Tony Stark – MCU
Peter Parker & Tony Stark – MCU
Darcy Lewis/Any – MCU
Tony Stark/Thor – MCU
Loki/Stephen Strange – MCU
Pepper Potts/Natasha Romanov – MCU
Clint Barton/Phil Coulson – MCU

Work Description:

I can offer a 5k to 20k story of any pairing offered. I will try my best to get started as soon as possible, I will hopefully only take 2 to 4 months to finish but it depends on my schedule. I am open to writing crossovers and fusion fics, as long as I know the fandom or have time to research the fandom. I can write as many background pairing as you want. You are more than welcome to email me any ideas or AUs you have, I am open to writing almost anything.

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Total Bids Placed:

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Highest bidder was: Gem

Bidder Name Bidding Time Bid
Gem October 26, 2019 11:59 PM $42.00
msilverstar October 26, 2019 11:30 PM $35.00
Gem October 26, 2019 7:28 PM $30.00
msilverstar October 26, 2019 3:43 PM $20.00
Gem October 25, 2019 8:14 PM $15.00
Celticas October 22, 2019 3:37 AM $5.00