1108 – chrishuyen

Winning Bid: $15.00

Beta Service – Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit



Preferred Contact Methods:
Email: chrishuyen@gmail.com
Discord: crsyn#5099
Preferred Charities:
Asian Mental Health Collective
Girls Who Code
Global Fund for Women
National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum
Planned Parenthood
Will create works that contain:
I read pretty much anything, but some of my favorite genres/tropes are AUs (eg alternate first meeting, civilian version of an Avenger, multiverse/time travel shenanigans), de-aging, soulmates, werewolves/shifters, dark versions of characters, power dynamics (e.g. A/B/O or BDSM-universe), angst (e.g. character death, terminal illness, unhappy endings), BAMF characters/secret genius, established relationship/secret relationship
Will NOT create works that contain:
watersports (in the sexual context), ageplay/infantilism, bashing, exceedingly embarrassing situations (I suffer a lot from secondhand embarrassment, to the point where it makes it hard for me to read about it)

Pod Bids Welcome? Yes - Podbids welcome!

Opening Bid: $5

Ratings: Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit

Clint Barton-centric - Any Universe
Clint Barton/Any - Any Universe
Avengers Team-centric - MCU
Shang-Chi fandom any gen and ship - MCU
Work Description:
I will beta up to 50k words for the winning bid (it can be one story or spread across multiple). I'm pretty flexible with reading anything outside of my DNW, but the listed wants/relationships will probably incur the most helpful feedback and quickest turnaround time.

I'm fairly well-versed in overarching events of MCU canon, mostly the movies and Wandavision with some episodes of What If? as well. While I haven't watched shows like Agents of SHIELD and Loki, I have a passing familiarity with some of the major plot points in them. I'm familiar with certain parts of 616 as well, notably Matt Fraction's Hawkeye and Hawkeye: Freefall, though I'm happy to help research anything I don't know.

I work as a software engineer so I can also provide some accuracy to computer science concepts. I also live in New York City so I can help with setting/landmarks/general knowledge (and I possibly also know a ridiculous amount about Broadway/the general theater scene here). I'm Asian-American with Chinese heritage and can help with basic Mandarin translations or general cultural knowledge.

My main reading preference is anything Clint Barton-centric, including any pairing (whether romantic or platonic), though happy to read other pairings/gen works (though I may not be able to help with story development as much if it's not my pairing). Though in particular, my favorite pairings include Clint/Coulson, Clint/Bucky, Clint/Tony, Clint/Steve, and Clint & Natasha. For Shang-Chi, I prefer not Shang-Chi/Katy, but anything else in the movie-verse should be fine.

I prefer to work in GDocs, but happy to accommodate another system if you have one that you like better. I'll pretty much always check for spelling and grammar (American-English specifically), as well as overall flow and construction of a story, but be sure to let me know what you're looking for, especially if it's something more involved like planning/storyboarding, fact-checking, or formatting. I usually leave comments/suggestions within the work itself and then send overall thoughts afterwards via email/discord.

For timeline, my usual speed is about 10k words a week, though that's dependent on external factors like work and other things I might be doing, but I'll sure to communicate with you on when I think I'll have something done and if anything comes up.

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