1094 – Dracusfyre

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Fic or Other Writing – Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit



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Preferred Contact Methods:
Tumblr: Dracusfyre
Discord: Dracusfyre#7796
Preferred Charities:
The Bail Project
Equal Justice Initiative
Global Fund for Women
Planned Parenthood
Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)
Will create works that contain:
Happy to write dark!characters, angst with happy ending, fluff. I am down to do some AUs (historical AUs, no-power AUs, etc, but we would need to discuss because some AUs I'm not interested in). Getting together or established relationship fics, kidfics. If you want M or E content, particularly with a specific kink, that will take longer for me to write (especially PWP, I need some plot for my sexy times usually).
Will NOT create works that contain:
A/B/O, knotting, mpreg, HTP, angst with sad ending, de-aged fics. Not really interested in AUs in stuff that I'm not interested in IRL like band!AUs or actor!AUs. No RPF. I can't think of a complete list of squicks so I reserve the right to turn down a topic, but mostly open to negotiation.

Ratings: Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit

Bucky Barnes/Loki/Tony Stark - MCU
Bucky Barnes/Tony Stark - MCU
Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers - MCU
Loki/Tony Stark/Stephen Strange - MCU
Loki/Tony Stark - MCU
Eddie Brock/Tony Stark/Venom - MCU, Venom movieverse
Tony Stark any gen - MCU
Bucky Barnes any gen - MCU
Loki any gen - MCU
Steve Rogers/Tony Stark - MCU
Work Description:
Due to IRL demands, my schedule for the delivery of a fic will be approximately NLT 3 months for the first 2.5k words (to give me time to figure out a story and winner preferences) and + 1 month for every 2.5k words after that. So a 10k fic will take no more than 5 months pending any unforeseen disasters, because LBR, it is 2020. A 40k fic will take...a while. At least a year for it to be completed.

$10 min bid is for a 2.5k word story. For every $5 increase in donation, the fic length goes up 1k words, with a max of 40k words.

Please review my body of work to make sure you enjoy my characterization and voice before bidding! Some people (including me) are picky about how they like certain characters to be written.

Thank you!

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