1057 – Mystrana

Winning Bid: $160.00

Fic or Other Writing – Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit



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Preferred Contact Methods:
Email: mystrana@gmail.com
Twitter: mystrana_
Tumblr: mystrana
Preferred Charities:
Anything from the list of approved organizations
Will create works that contain:
I love to create all sorts of AUs with fluff and humor and smut. A tinge of angst is ok, too! Think meet cute or meet ugly or friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, strangers to lovers set in whatever AU you can think of: fantasy, urban fantasy, dance, coffee shop, college, beach/ocean themed, musicians, etc.

For the smut: I'll write masturbation, hand jobs, blow jobs, anal fingering, threesomes, foursomes, pegging, etc. I'm open to attempting various kinks but if you don't see I've already written it, maybe just check with me first!
Will NOT create works that contain:
Right now I don't want to create dark, angsty fic or any MCD. No excessive miscommunication, cheating or exes to lovers. I'm probably not the best choice for kidfic.

Pod Bids Welcome? Yes - Podbids welcome!

Opening Bid: $20

Ratings: Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit

Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers - MCU
Bucky Barnes/Sam Wilson - MCU
Bucky Barnes/Natasha Romanov - MCU
Work Description:
I will write at least 2k and possibly more depending on the prompt. I put the base pairings I'd like to work with but if you want a third or fourth in there, just message me and ask.

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