1055 – Cass Caelis

Winning Bid: $80.00

Podfic – Gen, Teen, Mature


Cass Caelis

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Preferred Contact Methods:
Discord: Persephone's heart #4950
Tumblr: cassiopeiacaelis
Email: cassiopeiacaelispods@gmail.com
Preferred Charities:
Anything from the list of approved organizations
Will create works that contain:
happy endings, fluff, Soulmate AU, Daemons AU, Sentinel AU, Identity porn, enemies to lovers, in vino veritas, kidfic, time travel, dimension travel, humor, getting together, pining
Will NOT create works that contain:
Angst, dark!characters, abuse, romantic relationships between two characters with sizeable age difference and parent/child relationship, PWP, non-con.

Pod Bids Welcome? Yes - Podbids welcome!

Opening Bid: $5

Ratings: Gen, Teen, Mature

Darcy Lewis/Any - Any Universe
Matt Murdock/Foggy Nelson - Any Universe
Peter Parker/Wade Wilson - Any Universe
Bucky Barnes/Clint Barton - Any Universe
Clint Barton/Phil Coulson - Any Universe
Steve Rogers/Tony Stark - Any Universe
Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier - Any Universe
Peter Parker/Johnny Storm - Any Universe
Eddie Brock/Venom - Any Universe
Darcy Lewis-centric - Any Universe
Work Description:
Hi! I'm a podficcer. I'm offering one podfic up to 20k. Please select a fic that has blanket permission or that you've received permission to have podficced. I'm mostly familiar with MCU and some of the cartoons but since I'm not writing, I'm pretty open to other universes or characters (especially Darcy Lewis rarepairs, I absolutely love her ❤️).

Please be prepared to chat with me during the process because I love input and I'd love to hear your ideas!! If you have a pair you're absolutely set on and it's not on the list I'm open to podficcing it so long as it doesn't have any of my listed DNWs.

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Flowerparrish October 23, 2021 11:33 PM $80.00
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tipsy kitty October 22, 2021 8:47 PM $20.00
Flowerparrish October 18, 2021 11:24 PM $15.00
seleneaurora October 17, 2021 11:12 PM $10.00
hollyandvice October 17, 2021 11:48 AM $5.00