1050 – kowaiyoukai

Winning Bid: $20.00

Art – Gen, Teen, Mature



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Preferred Contact Methods:
Email: kowaiyoukai@gmail.com
Discord: kowaiyoukai#9896
Twitter: kowaiyoukai
Preferred Charities:
Anything from the list of approved organizations
Will create works that contain:
Angst, drama, romance, heartache (in a good way)
Will NOT create works that contain:
Rape/non-con, drugs, kidfic, mpreg

Ratings: Gen, Teen, Mature

Steve Rogers/Tony Stark - 616, AvAc, MCU
Matt Murdock/Foggy Nelson - 616, MCU
Angela/Sera - 616
Eddie Brock/Venom - 616, MCU
Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier - 616, X-Men movieverse
John Allerdyce/Bobby Drake - 616, X-Men movieverse
Julio Richter/Shatterstar - 616
Karolina Dean/Nico Minoru - 616, MCU
Loki/Thor - 616, MCU
Peter Parker/Wade Wilson - 616
Work Description:
This auction is for one piece of full color fanart. This will be traditional art, around 8"x10" and created with colored pencil. The winner will receive a digital scan of the artwork. If the winner wants the original page, they pay for shipping.

The starting price is $20. If the auction goes over $100, I will create a second smaller fanart for you.

I can work with you on various ideas, including other ships not listed here, but please contact me first before bidding so I can tell you if what you want is doable for me.

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Highest bidder was: Wolfloner

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Wolfloner October 18, 2020 12:12 AM $20.00