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Preferred Contact Methods:
Email: malevolentlighthouse@gmail.com
Discord: Rubi (Rubick)#3506
Dreamwidth: rubick/
Preferred Charities:
Anything from the list of approved organizations
Will create works that contain:
These are the dynamics I love to create:
Pining, Tension building, Characters being clever/competent, cheesy rom-com plots, Emotionally centered stories, Getting together, Domesticity, Everyone would fuck everyone, Fluff, Hijinks, Humor, People taking care of each other (including hurt/comfort), Friendly banter and teasing, Hurt/Comfort, Friends to lovers, all variety of modern AU’s (shops, college, etc) and also magic.

Adopting Pets, Established Relationship, Found family, Family of Choice, Friendship, Friends to Lovers, Friends with Benefits, Power Dynamics (boss/employee, teacher/student), Reunions, Roommates, Secret Relationship, Soulmates, Sex Pollen, Misunderstandings & mistaken identities, Sneaky & spontaneous semi-public hookups

Smut-Specific : Kissing, laughing, both people just having a good time, Marking/claiming a partner; grabbing and pulling hair, Kink discovery, Massage turns sexual, Sex scenes focusing on foreplay/aftercare/afterglow, anal (for M/M), comeplay, frottage, rimming, blow jobs, hand jobs, light D/S, oral sex

Favorite tropes to write: Soulmates, Only one bed, Sex Pollen/Magic, Fake Dating, Secret Relationships, They saw each other on Grindr/Tindr, Forced Proximity, Can’t Stop Thinking About It (seeing them naked/masturbating/etc), Character needs assistance when hands are injured, First time with a person of the same gender
Will NOT create works that contain:
1st or 2nd person POV, Harm or violence against animals, Religious imagery, general religious themes, Bestiality, Gay-bashing/violent homophobia, Gore / Graphic violence, Infidelity, Major character death, Unhappy or sad endings, Unrequited Love, Breakup fic, Incest, Possessive behavior, Stalking, Underage sex (younger than 16), Teenagers (~under 18) having sex with adults (~over 21)

Smut-Specific : Rape / Non-con, blood / scat / piss, pain inflicted during sex, humiliation during sex

Pod Bids Welcome? Yes - Podbids welcome!

Opening Bid: $10

Ratings: Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit

Clint Barton/Phil Coulson - MCU
Clint Barton/Phil Coulson/Natasha Romanov - MCU
Maria Hill/Natasha Romanov - MCU
Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanov - MCU
Bucky Barnes/Natasha Romanov/Sam Wilson - MCU
Bucky Barnes/Sam Wilson - MCU
Yelena Belova/Kate Bishop - MCU
Work Description:
Hey hey! Thanks for checking out my listing. This is my second time participating in this auction. I would love to create a fic of at least 1k words for you around the selected ships. I’ve been a casual viewer of the MCU for years, and have started writing in the fandom last year.

My top five favorite Avengers are Clint, Phil, Nat, Bucky, and Sam. My favorite ships are Phil/Clint, Phil/Clint/Nat, Sam/Bucky, and Steve/Nat. I love to write tender getting-together fics with smut, but would also love to write any rating or tropes you have your heart set on that don’t conflict with what I won’t write. You can check out my MCU works here, along with a few original works that give an example of what I enjoy writing.

I would also be open to creating a sequel to most of my current works, or another work in a current series. I also LOVE writing pets in stories - especially strong, stoic characters falling to pieces over a cute dog or cat.

This listing is for a fic with a minimum of 1k words on any of the selected ships. I would happily take a desired trope/prompt and make it my own. I LOVE to craft a fic for a specific requestor; it’s a big reason why I’ve fallen in love with exchanges. I would commit to having the fic completed within 6 months of having finalized requirements from the winner of the auction. I am open to any questions one may have during the bidding process!

If you’re not sure if your idea is something that I would write, please feel free to contact me about an idea before bidding.

Winning bidder will get access to fic before posting and will have one week to request changes, before being posted to the public.

**If this is a pairing I enjoy and the combo AU is interesting, I may exceed the minimum word count by a lot. **

Here are some prompts I've been tossing around for these pairings, if any of these catch your eye. Some of these are generic and could apply to any pairing, some are specific to certain pairings.

- One party is injured/sick and the other party takes care of them.
- Soulmate AU - porn AU where everyone has a soulmate but you can’t tell who it is unless you fuck them first
- Massage Therapist AU
- Rough, desperate, "I can't believe you just did that"/"I can't believe we survived that". One that's as much a surprise to the one doing the kissing as the one being kissed.

Some of these are pretty generic/overdone but hey let's eat all the cakes, yeah?

- Phil and Clint keep running into each other throughout the year but their plans never work out, until Christmas Eve, when they meet up at the grocery store, picking up something last minute for their respective lonely Christmas dinners
- Clint texts Phil "thanks bro" and it autocorrects to "thanks boo"
- Clint has hooked up with every single Avenger and Phil finds out and is incensed he was never asked.
- Clint and Phil are neighbors. Walls are thin. Phil can hear Clint ask his dog if they're best friends like, 20 times a day.
- Tattoo Artist AU - Phil works at SHIELD, Clint is tattoo artists. Phil goes in for simple Captain America tattoo. Then he goes back after bad missions - maybe for both the pain and a memory tattoo. And one day Clint insists on taking him home. Ends up with a howling commando sleeve. Clint takes care of Phil.
- Non-SHIELD AU - Student/Teacher - Army vet Phil is discharged after an injury, goes to college and becomes an accountant. He's not super happy, and starts taking night classes. He takes an intro to criminal behavior. The teachers is in his late 20's, and super hot.
- AoU AU - Clint brings the team to the safe house in Age of Ultron, and Phil's there. Hiding out or something since his "death" in Avengers. Laura and the kids are still there, b/c Laura was Barney's wife, and when Barney died, Clint set them up in the safe house.
- Clint puts on eyeliner for a mission, it drives Phil a little crazy.
- Framework AU - Phil gets stuck in the framework, living out his best life. Clint goes in to rescue him, and finds that Phil's idea of a best life is being w/ Clint.
- Soulmates - Clint's mark for Phil goes dark when he 'dies.' Then a new one forms when he revives - maybe on his back so he doesn't see it

- I have a "Cities" series here: https://archiveofourown.org/series/2541982 - I would be totally open to adding on new cities/ideas. Below are some ideas I had for future series.
- Perth during January, very hot temperatures - They're investigating the sex trafficking ring from LA, and Nat is on edge. Someone suggests strip poker.
- Orgasm denial - all the orgasms for Nat, denial for the boys
- Mission!fic featuring. Clint and Phil having sex undercover while Natasha watches/listens through cameras and saves video of both of them and video records herself getting off so they can watch all of it later together. Consensual voyeurism.
- Office sex. Strike Team Delta are supposed to be doing mission reports. Instead, they’re fucking on Phil’s desk

- Sam agrees to check on Alpine while Bucky's on a mission. Unbeknownst to Sam, Bucky has a little cat camera. Or maybe Bucky mentions it and Sam forgets. Bucky checks in to see Sam sitting with Alpine, talking sweet to her, telling her she's just as pretty as her daddy. Cue feelings, etc.
- Sam invites Bucky home for Christmas
- Non-powered AU - Sam works at the VA as a therapist, and Bucky as an injured war vet. He goes the VA for some group therapy, and meets Sam there. Part of Sam's work is pairing vets with emotional support animals, and he takes Bucky to the animal shelter, where they meet Alpine. Feelings ensue???
- AU where Sam is Bucky's handler (and lines get real blurry as they get feelings).
- Post TFATWS - Sam and Bucky on Sam's fishing boat. Alpine jumps on and adopts Bucky. A fic of mainly them on the boat, fishing and healing and shit.

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