1014 – V Tsuion

Winning Bid: $12.00

Fic or Other Writing – Gen, Teen


V Tsuion

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Preferred Contact Methods:
Email: camillevwatson@gmail.com
Tumblr: vtsuion
Discord: VTsuion#1754
Preferred Charities:
Anything from the list of approved organizations
Will create works that contain:
Established Relationship, Getting Back Together, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Nightmares, Scars, Hurt/Comfort, Character Development, Fluff, Banter, Canon Divergence, Mutant Politics.

If you have questions about my interpretations of the characters or whether our interpretations align, please do reach out.
Will NOT create works that contain:
Pining, NSFW of any kind, Unhappy Ending, Modern AU. I'm generally not as interested in complete AUs for this fandom, if you're thinking of requesting one, I encourage you to reach out so we can talk about whether I'd be up for it.

Pod Bids Welcome? No - I'd rather not be bid on by pods

Opening Bid: $5

Ratings: Gen, Teen

Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier - 616, X-Men movieverse, X-Men: The Animated Series
Work Description:
I'm basically familiar with X-Men comics up through 1993 (with plans to read more...) and am happy to include other characters, with a focus on Magneto/Professor X. I've also seen all three original X-Men movies, and the first two alternate timeline movies, and am happy to write in either universe. I also enjoy canon-adjacent AUs.

I should finish the fic within the year, but may be a little slow. Fluff is generally around 1,000 words, while more plotty prompts may be closer to 5k. I might be willing to do something longer for a larger donation, but it really depends on how much I have to say about the prompt (the more detailed the more I'm likely to write). You're more than welcome to be as involved as you like in the plotting process, to help me best tailor the fic to you within my own personal tastes and tendencies.

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