088 – Evanna Adams

Winning Bid: $10.00

Fic or other writing – Teen, Mature


Evanna Adams

Preferred contact methods:

Tumblr – spideypoolmymoonandstars

Will create works that contain:

Any AUs without major character death. Fluff, angst, hurt/comfort are my favourites.

Will not create works that contain:

Major character death. Rape/NonCon.

Ratings: Teen, Mature

Will create works for the following relationships:

Steve Rogers/Tony Stark – MCU
Peter Parker & Tony Stark – MCU
Peter Parker/Wade Wilson – MCU, X-Men movieverse

Work Description:

10$ is for 5000 words and +5 for every 5k word addition.
It will take me around two weeks to write 5000 words because I only have weekends and I have other projects. I love writing long fics, however. If you don’t mind me taking a few months, I would love to write something to the tune of 50k words but if you’d like something quicker, I can do 10k-20k.
I will not put up any Explicit work on my AO3 account, but if you want I can definitely send you the part separately.

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betheflame October 21, 2019 12:41 PM $10.00